Dreams of Camping in Style and Relaxation in the Summer

With it being dead middle of the winter right now, I catch myself daydreaming of camping in the mountains in the summertime. I love the snow, don’t get me wrong, but I’m definitely a warm weather guy. With chicken legs like mine, it’s easy to get cold and hard to warm up.

So, if this isn’t the worst case of planning ahead that you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. So allow me to share with you a few things I’m looking forward to when the warm weather hits and the mountains aren’t covered in snow.

Ideas for Camping in Style and Relaxation

Find Time for Relaxation while Camping

If you’re like my family, camping can be a lot of work if you don’t get rv rentals. We don’t have a camp trailer that we can hook up to that already has most of our camping gear stashed away inside. We rough it, so to speak, with a good ole fashioned tent. So, packing for a camping trip can be a pain in the rear end. So naturally, when I get camp all set up, it’s natural not to want to take a hike right away, or shoot bows or BB guns right then.

Depending on how long the camping trip will be, there’s always time for a little nap in between activities. There’s nothing more relaxing than laying under a tree in partial mountain sunshine with a cool mountain breeze blowing. In my mind, that mixture is called “Instant Snoring!”

Camping Hammock Camping HammockIn exchange for my honest review, I recently received a parachute hammock that I’m excited to use on my next camping trip. Don’t know why I haven’t purchased one before now. It’s lightweight, packs up into a small bag that can be thrown in easily with the rest of the gear without taking up too much space, and sets up in less than 5 minutes. Just wrap the strap around the tree, slide the end through the ring and connect the end to the carabiner on the hammock. Done….nap time!

Put Away the Electronics

When we go camping, we tell our kids that they’re not allowed to play games on their electronic devices. In fact, most of the time, we make them leave their phones and tablets in the car. It’s important that they learn to enjoy the outdoors. There’s so much to do while camping…they can build a fort, shoot their bows or BB guns, learn how to start a fire, roast marshmallows, learn to cook over an open fire, throw hatchets, chop wood, look for big foot, and the list goes on and on.

Cooking in Style

Custom Grilling TrailerThere’s all sorts of different way to cook meals while on a camping trip. Between the two burner camp stoves, open flame over the campfire and solar cookers, there’s plenty to choose from. But things had never been easier, especially for large groups, than having a nice grilling trailer on hand. This thing cooked for over a hundred people without any problems. With it’s large grill and griddle, you can cook pancakes, burgers, hot dogs, steaks, you name it, there’s almost no job too big. You can even toast your favorite kaiser rolls and breads using this, perfect for burgers and sausages.

Love this thing. There’s no reason to struggle while on in the rough! Food is important.

If you’d like to look into purchasing one of these, fill out the form on our contact page for more information.

In closing, I can’t wait. I’ll enjoy the snow while the season lasts, but can’t guarantee that you won’t catch me staring off into space, thinking of camping it up.

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