Two Ways to Get a Core Workout Without a Gym

Over the past several years, being in tip top shape is the rave. There’s nothing like having chiseled abs and a body fat percentage of 6%. With a customized fitness training session, along with all the modern gyms to choose from such as Lifetime Fitness, as long as you show and and put in the work, you’ll eventually get your results. If yo want to get your results faster, you might want to read this Altai Balance reviews.

But what if there isn’t a gym nearby, don’t like going to fitness facilities or you simply don’t have the budget for a membership? What then?

Well, here are a some ways to get those chiseled abs and a stronger core without having to make the trip to the gym.

Core Workout System

Sela Core Workout SystemWe’ve all seen similar core workout systems such as this one from Sela Fitness, which is perfect for beginners as well as fitness enthusiasts. I received this one in exchange for a review and there are several different exercises which can be done using the Sela Fitness machine, such as assisted sit-ups, what I like to call flutter kicks or butterfly kicks, hamstring and lower back exercises and wherever your imagination takes you. Use the resistance this machine gives in its spring loaded arms to strengthen your core, hamstrings and glutes.

Medicine Balls

If you’re tired of the traditional sit-up and crunch, you might try using a medicine ball or something similar in your core workout. By placing the ball in different positions, you can work nearly every muscle group in your entire body. If your body is the one which is tired, you might want to check the many benefits of dehydration therapy.

I really like the medicine ball workouts on Greatist Fit, which features some nice GIF images to show you exactly how to do the exercise.

Furniture, Door Jams and Chairs

For the longest time, I refused to purchase a gym membership because I felt like I could get in a better workout at home using just my body weight.

I use my sectional couches shae, with a pillow under my hips for more height, to work on my lower back.

I have a metal bar suspended between two ledges on which I do pull-ups and hanging leg lifts.

I do push-ups, planks and v-tucks on a nice, thick rug in my downstairs living room.

This is a little dangerous, but I dangle above my staircase in a corner of the railing to do dips.

I use my stairs for calf raises, step ups and for running up and down.

In conclusion, when it all comes down to it, with a little creativity, some common sense and motivation, you can get fit in just about any environment.

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