Stop Pulling Weeds with Your hands! Use the Weed Zinger.

As I walk out of my front door, my ultimate goal is to be able to see a lawn that looks like it’s professionally maintained, thick enough to sleep on and completely weed free. Yet, when I walk out my door, I do see grass, but I also see weeds. Crab grass, dandelions and khaki weed are three weeds that absolutely love my yard.

So naturally, what do you do? Do you buy chemicals, get down on your hands and knees or just mow them down?

Well, I currently use all three methods and, in exchange for an honest review, I just received a tool that will change a piece of the game.

Weed Zinger weed pullerIt’s called the Weed Zinger.

Without looking at any images or watching the video below, it’s name is exactly as it sounds. It’s a tool that zings weeds. It’s a mix between a cane, a lawn aerator, weed puller and a weed gun. And I can tell you this much….it works. I’ve used it on crabgrass, dandelions, and other weeds that I have no idea of their name, and with damp dirt, it pulls out the tap root almost every time.

And here’s the best part, I’m not having to get down on my hands and knees to pull anymore. And once the weed is out of the ground, I get to do what I love to do the most, shoot things. With a pull of a lever, it shoots the weed into a trash can, pile or wherever you want it to go, within three to six feet, of course.

So, here’s a link to pick up the Weed Zinger for yourself. Highly recommended.

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