Tee Shirts Always Make Great Birthday Gifts

Every year I run into the same dilemma….what do I get my Dad for his birthday. After all other ideas have been exhausted and proven less worthy, I always come back to my original thought, which was a regular ole tee shirt.

Every guy I know likes getting a new tee shirt, especially when it represents something cool, is patriotic, says something funny or is as ugly as heck, but comfortable the most comfortable shirt ever. Seriously though…if you know a dude, you know that as long as the shirt is comfortable and isn’t feminine, a guy will wear it until it practically falls apart.

I still wear tee shirts I’ve had since I was first married.

With that said, good tee shirts aren’t always easy to find. They tend to follow fads that come and go, so it’s important to find a tee shirt that will stay in style for a long time….or at least as long as the shirt will last.

Vintage Retro Tee Shirts Birthday Gift IdeasFor example, a shirt such as a vintage retro tee shirt would be perfect for that 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday gift. I was sent a few of these shirts to test out and normally I’m not a big 100% cotton guy, but every once in a while I stumble across a tee shirt made of 100% cotton that feels like I’m wearing a cotton/poly mix. This is one of those shirts. It feels light and thin, but it’s a durable screen printed shirt.

You can’t go wrong. Everyone I know should hold some degree of pride for the year they were born, and it just so happens that this year is my 40th birthday and my Dads 60th birthday.

Perfect timing.

I’m curious though. What kind of shirts have you purchased for you loved ones for their birthdays? Any great ideas?

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