You’re Not a Man Unless You Carry a Knife

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a knife but didn’t have one on you? I know I have, and when the question comes up, some guys whips out his pocket knife or Leatherman and saves the day. Most of the time, the guy that has the knife is the one that you’d think should be carrying a knife.

That guy is my Father-in-law. He always has a knife on him. He could be a buck naked and still come up with a knife when asked for one. (Not that I’ve ever hung out with my Father-in-Law while he was buck naked)

I’ve always heard the phrase, “You’re not a man unless you always carry a pocket knife.” So, I’ve started carrying one…more often.

What Pocket Knife to Carry?

pocket knifeSo what kind of knife should you carry? The answer to that question should be different for everyone. Some guys like a multi-tool like a leatherman or a Gerber tool. I recently received a little pocket knife from Maxam to review that would be a perfect little knife to carry around in your pocket.

Or you could always go the Crocodile Dundee way and carry around a huge buck knife everywhere you go.

So what kind of a guy are you? A multi-tool guy, small pocket knife guy or buck knife guy?

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