May the Elebia Automatic Hook Be With You

Automation is an amazing thing, especially when it increases safety, efficiency and comfort. A simple idea put into action in the realm it was created for can change the world, or at least someone’s world.

Most innovative products in existence today were created by someone who saw an opportunity with an already existing product that could be improved, or upgraded. Just because something gets the job done doesn’t really mean that there isn’t a better way of doing things. Using a bucket and well to gain access to water gets the job done, to some extent…but indoor plumbing is definitely an upgrade.

The Elebia Remote Hook is one of those type of innovative products that has changed the way things are moved by cranes. The Remote “autohook” by Elebia is an automatic hook that enhances crane operations in several different areas.

  1. The Elebia Remote Hook increases safety by eliminating the need to climb to dangerous heights to hook and unhook loads. The hooks magnet lifts the load ring, adjusts it and then lifts the load without any need for hands on assistance. This reduces the risk of cuts, scrapes, crushing or similar injuries that could result from having to have hands on hooks and connection rings. It also sends alarms for unbalance, overloads and such.
  2. Productivity is an obvious result with the Hook’s built in features. It gives weight readings, tracks all events which can be exported to a spreadsheet, allows for multiple simultaneous hook operation and does all this remotely. Whether you’re in the crane or on the ground, the hook makes things run smooth. When you’re in need of a crane rental, you may ask the company if they have cranes with automation features so you can experience the efficiency and safety they offer. A crane rental from the right company could make the job a lot easier too.

As an example, when I was younger, my Dad worked at a smelter for a well known mining company called Phelps Dodge. The raw ore was shipped there to be refined into a usable, workable form. This refining process is quite a feat and involved closeup contact with some intense heat, large metal containers and heavy crane equipment used for moving and dumping liquid ore.

Now, back in the 1980’s, I don’t imagine there to be much automation or remote controlling. I still remember one of my first remote control cars, or so I was led to believe…which had a wire that ran from the controller to the car! Sure, it was more remote than having the controller connected directly to the car…at least the wire gave me three feet of remoteness, right!

With the Remote Hook, PD could have saved on staffing and injuries while improving on their numbers. With the fluctuation of the price of copper, maybe, just maybe things wouldn’t have been so hectic for most of the employees who worked for them as a result of similar types of equipment.

Anyway, aside from all the crane and hook talk, I’ve always loved ads that make references to Star Wars.

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