Playing With The Senses To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

MosquitoesWhen warm weather arrives, the mosquitoes are unleashed. You could use chemicals to spray for them to keep them away from the home, but those chemicals could be harmful to plants or even people. You may also want to try the mosquito misting system from a mosquito control service to combat mosquitoes and other flying insects. You can also have some safe and effective mosquito control options here.

Another option is to call in a company like Mosquito Squad of Wilmington that can use safe products to keep the insects away. There are also natural options available that your mosquito control can offer you if you don’t want to use sprays.

When you breathe, you exhale carbon dioxide. This is what usually attracts mosquitoes the most instead of something that you wear. One way that you can capture mosquitoes so that they don’t get around you is to set up a container that has dry ice. When the insects get close to the ice, close the container so that they are trapped.

Most people have coffee grounds that they don’t know what to do with. You can spread the grounds around the house along with egg shells and other items that you might find in a compost to keep mosquitoes away. It’s best to put the grounds near water that tends to linger near the home as they will soak up the water. Mosquito eggs won’t be able to survive in the water under the grounds and they will suffocate.

There are traps that you can get that the mosquitoes will stick to instead of swarming in the air. You can hang the traps just about anywhere inside or outside the home as all they have on them is glue that will cause the insects to not be able to fly away.

Garlic is ideal for keeping mosquitoes away. If you eat it, the insects can smell it and not want to bite. You can also crush garlic cloves to spread around the house. The smell alone will keep mosquitoes and almost any other insect away. Lemon oil does the same thing. You want to combine lemon juice and olive oil together, spraying the mixture around the exterior of the home. Spray it in areas where you know you’ll be sitting to help keep mosquitoes away as much as possible. Mint has a strong odor as well. Place a few mint leaves in a bottle of water to spray around the house, especially on window screens to deter mosquitoes from wanting to get near the home. Mint oil mixed with a bit of water can be applied to the skin to keep the insects away.

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