Shipping or Transporting Goods? Hitch Hike a Ride!

transport truckWe’ve been busy here in our corner of the great state of Arizona. We’ve been building a business, a craft and home decor business of course…and it’s been amazing so far. We have been creating some pretty cool things to spruce up almost any space on your wall or in your home. It’s not quite up and running yet, but you’ll be able to check out our website at here pretty soon.

Anyway, on with my point. In creating all of these amazing products, we tend to have people from all around the country, and even some outside of it, that want to buy some of our creations. Not so much in countries across the big pond, like Germany…but countries like Canada for sure. Depending on the size of the product, traditional shipping can be a bit of a waste, both of money and resources.

Here’s what I mean by that…

How many transport companies do you think there are in this world of ours? These companies are already a transport for products and supplies for other companies, yet, more times than not, they’re riding light! If you’ve ever been driving behind a delivery truck that happens to have the back open, you’ve seen how much extra space is in there that could be filled with your products.

If you’re needing international transport, no worries. There is always space.

So before you ship next time, take a look at hitching a ride for your goods on a carrier that’s already headed in that direction. Hitch hiking for cargo, I suppose!

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