5 Steps for Making Your Landscaping and Pest Control Business More Successful

landscaping businessLooking for ways to make your landscaping business more successful this year? As the economy and homeownership rates continue to improve, more people are investing in landscaping services. This also means that more landscaping and pest control companies are cropping up, and competition is becoming fierce. Now is the time to make more money in your landscaping and pest control business. For example, if you are a pest control and lawn care company looking to maximize profits, you might want to consider using FieldRoutes, a pest control software designed to be an end-to-end solution. You may also use a perfect software like Showcase IDX ’s MLS plugin to help you grow your business. Follow the five steps below to make your landscaping business more successful.

1. Always Be Open to Further Education

Technology quickly changes in the realm of landscaping, including a push for more environmentally friendly landscaping technology and techniques. In order to stay current, it is critical that you remain abreast of the latest trends and innovations in landscaping. For example, the latest trend in landscaping is to create drought-resistant gardens, yards, and landscapes in order to prevent water waste. This is especially common in arid desert regions where traditional green gardens and lush trees simply can’t survive. If you want to ensure your tree remains healthy and sturdy, let the experts from Tree Services Manhattan assess your trees to determine how much needs to be pruned. If you’re interested, the information can be found on their site. More people turn to this form of landscaping in order to help preserve precious water resources and to save thousands of dollars on their water bill each month. If you’re not well-versed in air climates and drought-friendly landscaping techniques, attend seminars and further your knowledge through continued education. When you have an emergency tree removal situation, look at these guys and schedule your tree removal with them for a faster tree service at high quality standards.

2. Network

As with any business, a great deal of success has to do with your exposure, which you can’t achieve without investing time in people. While it is critical that you create a brand online and use strategic landscaping advertising techniques, sometimes there is nothing more effective than simply building a connection with someone. Do yourself a favor and look up local events in your area. Attend landscaping expos, or gardening conventions. Sign up for home improvement conventions, and environmental awareness conventions as well. Be sure that you get professional business cards made and take them with you as you network with colleagues. You never know who might prove to be a useful contact.

3. Expand Your Customer Base through Green Initiatives

You’ve likely noticed a rise in customers looking for water-efficient and drought tolerant yard design. Homeowners across the country are looking for ways to reduce their utility costs and reduce their carbon footprint, but many are thwarted by the high costs of these installations and improvement projects. Cue Property Assessed Clean Energy programs. PACE programs are government-endorsed and serve as a form of financing for homeowners looking to add energy and water efficient projects to their homes and yards. How does this help your business? Those that couldn’t afford your services before now have an avenue to do so. In most cases, you’ll need to apply to become a registered contractor for a specific PACE offering, like the HERO Program from Renovate America. Once you’re accepted, browsing homeowners can select your services, meaning you immediately expand your reach and customer base.

4. Set the Price You Deserve

One significant mistake a large number of landscaping business owners make is underselling themselves. Most landscaping companies commit to an hourly rate that applies to both you and your employees. The first step in determining your rate is to compare your prices to that of the competition. The best way to do this is to ask your family and friends to call different companies and gauge their prices for their different services. A more precise method of determining your price is to figure the costs of the project, and then add a profit margin so that you can make money off of the project. In the end, your profit potential is up to you.

5. Get Organized

If you are the scatterbrained type, it is time to get organized. When your business is just lifting off the ground, you may only have a few clients and the process may be simple. You will start out having an easy time knowing where to be and at one time. However, as your business grows, your days, weeks, and months will become more complex. You will need to keep a strict and efficient system in order to prioritize all of your client’s needs. Remember that as your own boss, your business grows only as much as you allow it to. If you want to have a lot of clients at one time, you will have to organize your day so that you don’t upset your clients. Utilize time saving organization apps for smartphones, or just use a good old fashioned calendar. If you are an efficient and organized landscaper, clients will know that they can always rely on you and will spread the word to others. You can check out Southern Palmetto Landscape and the likes to get an idea.

Making more money from your landscaping business is simply a matter of dedication. Incorporate these tips into your business model and watch your bottom line increase in 2017.

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