4 Signs Your Bathroom’s Plumbing Needs Repair

plumbing repairIn 2015, home improvement and repair expenditure in the US amounted to a whopping $326.1 billion, according to data published by Statista. Such home renovation projects included external repairs of gardens, garages and lawns, and internal repair covering waterproof roofs and basements, soundproof rooms, upgrades to air conditioning and heating systems, anything that can make living in the home much more comfortable and save energy.

Unlike earlier, homeowners today are paying huge attention to their bathrooms as well. They know that sensible use and regular maintenance of their bathroom fixtures will prolong the life of their bathroom’s plumbing system as well, says an expert at Mikes Chicago Plumbing, a company that has been offering plumber services in Glencoe and its neighboring areas.

Here are four things you should know to keep your bathroom problem free.

4 Plumbing Issues in Bathroom that Needs Attention

  1. Low water pressure: When we turn on the taps, one thing we all expect is a powerful stream of water. Finding low water pressure in the form of a slow drip of water or no water at all is frustrating. Low water pressure in the taps and showers can be the result of several issues. It could be due to a blocked faucet, closed shut-off valve and even plumbing blockages like clogs in pipes, damaged water heaters or a burst pipe, leaking behind the walls. The best course of action is to call a plumber immediately for water and drain line repair.
  2. Consistent dripping: If the tap continues to drip, no matter how hard you try to shut it off, it is annoying. But the good news is that it is a minor issue. A dripping or leaking tap is often the result of a loose washer. However, it can also be caused by damage to the valve seating. Glencoe plumbing service experts suggest that if you observe dripping from a mixer nozzle, both tap washers need to be changed.
  3. Knocking in the pipes: While using a shower, filling the bathtub or running a tap in the sink, if you hear knocking sounds in the pipes, your pipes need attention. This knocking is often the result of pressurization in the pipes, loose support straps, loose valve in the pipe system or high water pressure. Of all these issues, it is the loose support straps and high water pressure that is the most damaging, since it can cause the pipes to shift in place, which can lead to leakage. Pay attention to the shower head condition too. There are plenty of options reviewed (find more reviews here), change it if required.
  4. Slow drainage: Every homeowner has faced slow-moving or stopped-up drains. Most of the times, it is the result of hair or accumulated soap scum, caught on the pivot rod or stopper that clogs the drain. You can remove these blocks easily by lifting the stopper out and cleaning, say Glencoe plumbing service providers. You can also use a pipe snake, boiling water and commercial cleaners for this purpose. However, clogged drains can also be the result of broken pipes, which could be the result of water and mold behind the walls, which needs plumbing solutions.

If you too are facing any of the above mentioned plumbing issues, contact the nearest 24 hour plumber, such as those in Glencoe, Chicago.

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