How to NOT Freeze Your Butt Off During Hunting Season

Let me start off by saying that I live in Arizona. Now, looking at the title of this post you’re probably thinking to yourself that there is no possible way that I could freeze during hunting season. Arizona is the land of the sun. It’s desert!

If you’ve ever been in the desert in the middle of the winter, you’d know that it still gets cold at night. But if you’ve never been to Arizona, you might not know that above the deserts, we have mountains and lots of snow. In fact, there are two ski resorts in this amazing state. So needless to say, hunting in the north country can get a bit chilly for us desert people. That is why bringing a waterfowl hunting backpack for you hunting equipment is very convenient.

The last few times I’ve been on a deer hunt, I thought I came fully prepared, I have my hunting gear especially my new scopes that includes a range finder that really helps with my hunting. Little did I know, the weather seems to get weird. I’ve been cold. One time, my father-in-law and I decided to sleep under the stars at a so called, “amazing spot.” We pulled a tarp over the top of our sleeping bags to keep the dew off of us and woke up to a quarter inch layer of ice instead. You can try to use weekend bag at vintageleather to be cozy during hunting season.

I was cold and wish that I had some heated clothing for hunting,¬†which I found out they actually do make. It’s amazing what a couple of batteries can do for ultimate comfort in the cool country.

And by the way, I got my deer that day.

On the most recent hunting trip, four of us went up north and stayed in a tent for almost a week. The second night there, we had a pretty good storm and woke up to so much condensation inside the tent that it started raining inside. We were all soaked and freezing.

I didn’t get my deer that hunt…my brother shot the deer I spotted for me…but for him.

Other ways you can stay warm during hunting season are:

  1. Invest in a camper. They’re so much better than tents.
  2. Choose the right clothes. Just because They’re camo, doesn’t mean they’re warm.
  3. If you’re noting going to wear the heated socks, wear two pair. Keep your feet warm. and your whole body will follow with warmth.
  4. Use heating packs as a temporary solution to keeping warm.
  5. Make sure your sleeping bag is rated for lower temperature.

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