Tips for Displaying Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

Funko is one of the top manufacturers of collectible toys on the market today. The company has deals in place with the studios behind major television shows, films, video games and even books. It makes figures with small bodies and big heads that fans go crazy over. You will now find stuffed animals, pens, larger figures and smaller mystery figures from the company that are worth quite a bit of money. In the event that you might be a collector of some of these items, use some of these tips to show off the best of your collection.

Bob Ross Funko Collectible

Decide on an Order

Deciding on the order of your display is one of the first things that you can do. Funko puts a number on the front of each box, and each number corresponds to that item in one specific collection. Some fans like to group their figures according to this number, but others like to put all like items together. You might put all the figures from one specific series or game together, or you might arrange all the different varieties of one character in the same area. Visit if you’re looking for some tips that will help you choose the right toys for your toddler.

Use Protectors

If you share your home with even one other person, consider using protectors on your figures. Funko and other companies make both soft and hard protectors. Soft protectors use a softer type of plastic, while hard designs use a harder type of plastic. Both types come in different sizes designed for basic Funko figures, larger figures and sets that come with two or more figures in a single box. The protectors will keep your figures safe from smoke and odors caused by the candles you burn, food you cook and cleaning products that you use. Harder protectors will cushion the boxes and keep the cardboard from breaking down.

Go for Shelving

An easy way to display your collection is with shelving. Many collectors like floating shelves that attach to the wall with pieces that make each shelf look like it floats on the surface of the wall. Others like using shelving units with shopping cart casters on the bottom. If you decide to rearrange the room later, you can unlock the casters and move those units to a new position without moving each individual figure first. No matter what type of shelves you decide on, you’ll want to arrange your collection in a specific order and use protectors on all those figures too.

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