How to Buy an Engagement Ring

buying an engagement ringBuying a 7 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring or custom-made Australian diamond wedding rings is an important decision and can feel overwhelming without the right tips to make the process simpler. Since we work with people and couples who are buying engagement rings like the emerald cut engagement rings, we have some ideas that can help make the engagement ring purchasing experience much less stressful.

#1. Know your budget

Only you can decide what a reasonable budget is for your purchase, and knowing that number in advance can keep you on the right track. If the budget allows, you can even design your own engagement rings. That would make them truly yours and something you would both really like and appreciate. It’s your decision to make, and everyone’s circumstances are different, so arrive at a budget that makes sense for you and stick to it once you go to this web-site to buy it.

#2. Share your budget with the sales associate you’re working with, if you choose to get help from one.

Providing them with that information up front will prevent them from taking up your time with options that aren’t going to work for you. It will eliminate confusion and frustration if you and the person assisting you are on the same page. Many times as sales people, we want to help you, but can’t provide you with the best information without the budget details from you.

#3. Know your intended recipient’s style.

Even if the engagement ring style isn’t something you’ve already discussed, a lot of women have social media posts such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram that can give you insight into their favorite ring styles or jewelry taste in general. Having access to those things can help you, but beyond that, having a sense of what appeals to the person you’re buying for can be a great help.

When all else fails, buying a simple, solitaire engagement ring is a great option due to their universal popularity as well as the fact that once you’ve achieved a surprise for the proposal, many solitaire engagement rings offer huge flexibility on the wedding band they can be worn with, and you can loop your lady into the buying process for the band to further customize it to her tastes.

#4. Know what metal you want.

A big factor is allergies, so know if she has any! For individuals with allergies, Palladium and Platinum are typically the best bet, but they’re also more costly. If your significant other has no allergies, you can decide based on personal taste – yours and hers. If you just can’t choose one gold type, two tone engagement rings are a hot new trend that allow you the best of both worlds! With a two tone engagement ring, you’ll get a ring that incorporates two gold types into the same ring. Usually you get to select whether you want white gold and yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, or any combination of these to create your unique engagement ring. You may also want to try the world’s first breathable silicone ring created for active lifestyles. If you are interested just browse here

#5. Breathe! In the grand scheme of things, she loves YOU – not just the piece of jewelry.

Know that many companies do offer a return or exchange policy, and just know those details before you finalize a purchase. If there is a time limit for returns or exchanges, be aware of what that is as well as any other policy details that may be relevant. The biggest decision you’ve made is choosing to spend the rest of your life with the one you love. The ring purchase will not be nearly as earth-shattering! When the wedding day is set, don’t forget to get a wedding film to capture every moment. Not all wedding films are created equal though, cinematic wedding films being the best.

For more help with how to buy your engagement ring, call, email or live chat with us here at Eco Diamond®. We’ll do all we can to make your engagement ring buying experience the best it can be!

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