Transform Your Home With Antiques

Antique shopping is a wonderful way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. While in a shop specializing in 19th-century grandfather clocks or a boutique in the business of old bookcases,  you may have thought about how you can upgrade the look of your home with these and other antiques. But before you decide to make a purchase in a shop, or online at Three Centuries Shop, there are some things you need to know and take into consideration before you make that purchase.

What is an antique?

An antique is usually a piece of furniture, artwork, or home décor that is over 100 years old. Many antique dealers have been seeking to change the framework to include items from just 50 years old. An antique doesn’t necessarily mean expensive or that it will rise in value over time, it’s simply a classification to help you shop for specifics. Within the antique classification, you may find other types of antiques like Victorian or Americana. This becomes important as you define the look you want to achieve in each room.

Renovating the bathroom

Some folks love the idea of using antique fixtures in the bathroom to lend an air of elegance and sophistication while tending to the dirtier aspect of physical maintenance. This could look like a specific type of stand-alone sink, including his-and-hers vanities, and a clawfoot tub. Toilets tend to look similar to modern models but you can find some that are older and require a pull chain to function. This type of renovation is called interior character renovation. This renovation is a very popular trend and if you want to redo the exterior to look antique, you will want to include plumping renovations for every room that you want to change sinks and tubs in.

The dining room

This is probably the best room to test run with antique furniture. You can buy some lovely American farmhouse antiques for a more relaxed feel or you can opt for grandeur with Queen Anne style antiques. It is important to not only know what type of furniture it is your buying but also how it’s used. The gate leg style table has a leg or two that sweeps out and extends the length of the table. A butterfly table does something similar in which the two ends drop down to create a more intimate dining experience. The French had a huge impact on the china cabinet and you can find some lovely pieces that are fancy, even for the French country styles.

Décor around the home

If you want to start out small and work on a collection over a lengthy amount of time, you can start with simple home décor that is antique and quite beautiful. You can look for a specific color theme for vases, a specific artist for artwork, or a very specific design. If you love tea, a bone china set from the 19th-century may be the perfect way to start a collection in a lovely china cabinet.

The goal of incorporating antiques into your home is to reflect your own personal style and taste regarding the older things in life. As you grow your collection, you can move to creating themes in each room. Remember, it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive to qualify as an antique. You can find pieces at your local flea market, antique shops, online antique sites, and auction websites.

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