Home Maintenance Tips for Summer Weather

Ah, July. School’s out, daylight continues to stretch, and the climate’s getting toasty. We get it – it’s time to put your bathing suit on and head to the beach. But before you shield yourself with sunscreen and reach for a mocktail, take some time out to tackle a few home maintenance tasks. Minor pain now implies big wins later, as you’ll be able to prepare your home to run smoothly through the dog days of the summer season.

To make it as easy and quick for you as possible, we’ve compiled a handy checklist of home maintenance tasks that’ll help prep your accommodation for warm weather. But don’t worry. This checklist has fun, creative tasks, as well.

Adopt Pest Control

In the summer the flowers bloom, ice melts, and the temperature warms. The combination of moisture and warmth brings with it a plethora of pests, who emerge from their nesting spots. Termites awake from their dormant state, bees and wasps may swarm, and summer rain might bring ants and cockroaches indoors in search of higher ground.

Fortunately, you can give these creepy crawlers a boot with the help of professionals. Pest control San Diego, pest control Los Angeles, and professionals throughout California and other parts of the US specialize in inspecting pest-infected homes to discover the best solution by offering customized control plants that will suit every need. Some vendors even provide organic best control as part of their long-term maintenance solutions, featuring natural ingredients such as rosemary oils and clove.

Keep The Refrigerator Frosty

Freezers and fridge become vulnerable in the warmer months of the year. Keep them in tip-top shape by cleaning their condenser oils (responsible for helping units stay cold by detaching the heat from compressors) and removing pet hair, dirt, and any nasty thing that’s trapped there. If you want to make the task simple, invest in a coil brush and vacuum.

We also recommend tackling the door while you’re at it. A leaky gasket can overwork your refrigerator as it tries to cool the whole kitchen. Use a mild cleaner to clean the gasket, and then use a soapy water’s solution to check the integrity of the seal – similar to what you’d have done in case of an inflatable mattress. If you’re struggling, call in a repairer. Depending on the problem, it can cost around $100-$150 an hour.

Prep The Fans & HVAC

The last thing any guest wants is to find out that your fans and air conditioning unit aren’t functioning. Before temperatures soar, make sure your systems are properly functioning. Work on the HVAC system by switching off the power for safety. Next, take out the grill and use a coil brush to remove any debris that gathered in the fan over winter. It’s also a good idea to take the time to either change or clean the system’s filters. Finally, watch out for any signs of wear or fraying before giving the system a run.

Once you’re done, prepping a fan is much less of a hassle. All you need is a rag and a ladder to dust off the fan’s blades. And while doing so, you might want to locate the spin direction switch of the fan to ensure the blades spin counter clockwise. This will push down the air and help save energy.

Home maintenance in warm weather is essential and should not be neglected, even though June, July and August are typically a time for vacations. The tips mentioned above can go a long way toward ensuring your property remains in excellent condition.

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