What I’ve Learned About Summer Time Pests and How To Control Them

Summer time is here and so are all the creepy, crawly critters that like to come out and torment the human race. When the weather warms up, the bugs come out…and they multiply! If you can stay on top of managing that growth, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble throughout the Summer months, especially when it comes to the more dangerous pests.

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Start Pest Control Before Summer Officially Begins

To me, summer is a term that mostly means, “the warmer months of the year.” If you wait to begin your pest control efforts until the first “official” day of Summer, you’ll already be behind. Similar to people, pests like to come out of the shadows when things start to warm up, so begin termite pest control, rodent control and any other pest control services as soon as it starts to feel warm enough outside. If you can do a mice removal early enough, you will avoid having to deal with all their offspring.

Go Overboard on the Initial Spray

I live in southeast Arizona and I’ve noticed a surplus of little cockroach looking beetles coming out of every hole, nook and cranny in the ground. As soon as the sun goes down and my chickens are in their coop, they start crawling everywhere. Daddy long leg spiders are also a huge nuisance, especially when they decide to string their webs right across your front doorway. A good, thick power spray, or “soak,” as it’s called, should be done the first time and every six months. After that, a regular spray around the property should be sufficient enough to keep the bugs at bay.

Go Hunting for Dangerous Pests Periodically

Almost every man I know, and many women I know, love to go hunting for pests that can be harmful to their kids. The initial pest control spray and the regular sprays should be enough to take care of most of the critters that can harm you, but always expect to find a few that slip through the cracks, specifically spiders…and if you live in southeast Arizona, scorpions.

According to a residential pest control service, there are a few of the most dangerous types of pests. Here is the list of those pests and how can you find them:

  1. Brown Recluse Spiders – You do not want to be bitten by this spider. Be very careful when searching for it. These spiders are fairly difficult to find when hunting. They like dark, recessed areas, such as behind things, in log piles, in storage sheds, etc. So be extremely careful when moving things around. Their webs are usually loose and hardly ever in view. My rule of thumb is to squish every spider I see, but if you want to save the life of a “non-recluse spider,” you can recognize a brown recluse by the guitar/violin shape on its back.
  2. Black Widow Spiders – These are probably one of the easiest spiders to hunt because they are extremely predictable. They are almost always found somewhere low to the ground, near some sort of shelter, such as a four wheeler, crack or crevice that they can quickly retreat to if threatened. Their webs are thick and tough and make noise when breaking, unlike the web of a Daddy Long Leg, which are thin and almost invisible. If you go out at night with a flashlight, they’ll always be within a foot or two of the ground, suspended on their web, waiting for their next catch…so take a stick and be quick. They’ll see you coming.
  3. Scorpions – Bark Scorpions are probably the easiest of all of these to spot at night, as long as you have a black light. They glow a florescent yellow and can easily be spotted, even when barely peeking out from underneath a rock or in a crack. Take a skinny, sturdy stick with you so that you can get some of the harder to reach ones that might be hiding inside cracks and between rocks.
  4. Termites – Termites can eat the woodwork and structure of a house to the point where they are beyond saving, so don’t hesitate to get proper termite removal services when you start to see some termite damage around the house.

Is There a Substance that Manages Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes love the heck out of me. If people loved me as much as mosquitoes do, I’d be the most popular guy in my circle of influence because they would search me out as though their life depended on it. I’m a five course meal to these mosquitoes throughout the summer months and I’d love to leave this section as an open ended question for all of you.

What have you found that cuts down on mosquitoes? Is there a full proof way to control them besides just repelling them with a bracelet, torch or mosquito spray? Should I call a mosquito service to eliminate these pests?

I’d love to hear all that has worked for you. My life would be smooth sailing if I could find a way to control these pests, at least while at home.


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