How to Meld His and Her Styles in the Bedroom

Marriage is one of the most important milestones in a couple’s time together. While marriage celebrates the union of two people, it also celebrates the union of their households.

Certain challenges may arise when blending the blending individual wants and styles together in the master bedroom; however with a few key tips, it can become much easier. Use these tips to blend his and her styles in your room—and make sure you’re both slumbering happily.


Accent Pieces Give Way to Personality

Place various accent pieces and objects in order to highlight your personalities. For him, it might be a framed photo of his alma mater; for her, it could be an art print of one of her favorite Matisse works.

With even amounts of representative items for him and her, both tastes are equally displayed. However, this doesn’t mean that every keepsake from both the bride’s and groom’s separate lives will make it into the bedroom—or even the house for that matter.

Pick Your Non-Negotiables

In order to select the most important objects, sit down and discuss the non-negotiable items, as well as those upon which you can compromise. It is okay to save some items with sentimental value, but it’s also important to consider your partner’s favorite accessories and design pieces. Spouses can still learn a lot about each other through this process, which is why it is important to plan it out and peacefully talk about it before diving right in.

Getting Rid of Excess Items

master bedroomOnce your non-negotiables and compromises have been determined, there are several ways to get rid of your leftover items. A donation is always very generous, and your local Goodwill is sure to be grateful for your donation of décor. However, if you need to cushion your budget, you may choose to sell your items on OfferUp or in a good old-fashioned garage sale.

How to Decorate

Now, onto the best part: decorating! The best type of master bedroom showcases the passions of both husband and wife, and it does so in a way that suits the couple as a whole. There are certain combinations that may work well better than others, and every couple is different.

Masculine Base, Feminine Overlay

One simple way to ensure that both halves of the couple are represented is to structure the room with a masculine base accented by feminine touches. Materials such as leather and wood connotate masculinity, and these selections facilitate an easier combination of both masculine and feminine tastes. Once the foundation has been established, feminine additions such as watercolor canvases, textile pillows, a cream duvet cover or pastel colors will complement the wood or leather nicely.

Choosing Baseline Colors

Darker colors, such as brown, black or dark grey can serve the same purpose as wood or leather in establishing a masculine touch to the room. These baseline colors can support blues purples greens or creams and white for the feminine side of the room.

There’s yet another method of using her style with his colors. The wife may pick the designs, be them tribal, traditional or modern, and execute them through masculine colors for her spouse. A simpler way to do this is to combine complementary colors such as orange and blue, which point to masculinity, but are arranged in a feminine style and appeal.

A charcoal or smoky background to feminine colors balances and anchors the bedroom as well. Color should be used sparingly in order to avoid clashes as well as any overpowering of one gender. Lighter walls can highlight a dark headboard. Key combinations to think about are yellow and black or grey, green and blue, brown and cream, blue and brown or blue and gray. Light colors can also be outlined with black.

Selecting Your Bedding

One thing you can probably both agree on—comfort comes first. Luxury king bedding can be found in all sorts of colors, styles and patterns, and the most important thing to consider is the feel of the fabric. Invest in sumptuous sheets, blankets, and coverlets to ensure your bed offers just the right amount of plush comfort.

Consider how to meld your and your partner’s design ideas into a cohesive look using these strategies.

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