What Are AirBNB Management Companies and What Do They Do?

AirBNB has taken the travel world by storm. They have created an opportunity to save travelers money and provide them with a homier place to stay compared to a hotel. Chances are you’ve at least visited the idea of renting one out. There’s a lot of focus and resources for the person looking to stay at an AirBNB but not as much said about the people who provide the apartment or home to these visitors. After all, the opportunity would not be there without those who graciously open up their homes to strangers.

AirBNB does not just benefit the customer, but it also sets up an investment platform for the homeowners. To maximize the success of the provider, there are AirBNB management companies that offer services to make sure not only the traveler is satisfied but the property owners also have the best experience possible.

If you are considering renting out for this company or already are but not utilizing this management, here is some information on how it is beneficial.

What Are AirBNB Management Companies?

AirBNB management companies are essentially just like any other association management and property management services companies. The only difference is they are servicing multiple singular rooms, apartments, and/or houses across different countries. The ultimate goal of one of these companies is to take away some of the responsibilities and burdens you take on when listing a place on AirBNB.

When listing a property, there are three different types you can choose from. You are either listing one that you have specifically for renting out, a second home that is not always in use, or a room or the entirety of your primary home. With whichever one you choose comes different necessities to make the most profit, and these management companies are there to lead you to just that.

What Do They Do?

Present Your Home in the Most Appealing Light

It requires professional skills to make an online listing look appealing, and those are skills not everyone might have. An AirBNB management company makes it so you don’t have to suddenly learn these skills. A management company will come to your home, take professional grade pictures and post them to up to fifteen channels.

Ensure the Best Pricing for Your Profit

Typically, a management company also will utilize a pricing algorithm that makes sure the prices fluctuate everyday according to competitor prices and times of year. This ensures their owners get the highest yield possible.

Send Back-Up Housekeeping Services

With everyday life already taking up so much time, there are inevitably things that you will not be able to do in order to keep up the property. Sometimes, this can include the day-to-day housekeeping. If a guest is arriving during your typical work hours, you won’t have the time to run home to clean.

An AirBNB management company can offer a housekeeping service to make sure when you cannot be around that the interior is always kept clean and ready for new visitors.

Verify Guests

Along with having someone nearby to clean, management companies also have the ability to have someone greet the renters and verify their identification in person. This adds an extra security measure and gains immediate positive attention from the guest.

Provide Maintenance, Home Audits, and Insurance

Some of the more reputable and reliable AirBNB management companies will have different packages with options to go above and beyond the standard home listing. Premium services such as maintenance can ensure that a guest has services at their disposal should any issues arise.

Beyond that, some companies offer home audits every year. This ensures you a greater peace of mind since you will not have to constantly worry about problems that may arise in the home.

To top it off, an AirBNB management company will sometimes provide short-term insurance to cover any damages to the home during a guest’s stay.

AirBNB management companies aim to ease the rental process for the property owner. They take over some of the responsibilities and provide homeowners with resources in order to aid in process of making the most profit possible.

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