Why People Passionately Pursue Truck Driving

The trucking industry is one of hard work and pride. Trucking keeps the country moving. Goods that we all use are taken back and forth across this great land of ours. Because of trucking, store shelves are stocked and materials are delivered to sites that might be building a home or furnishing a corporate office.

Being a truck driver may not appeal to everyone. Many go into truck driving because they want to do what they love. So they apply in a company with CDL Truck Driver Positions to get hired and start their job. They want to go far and wide, see different landscapes, see different cities and enjoy the freedoms of being out on the open road by themselves while doing a job with a deadline. People who passionately pursue truck driving do not want to be chained in a cubicle in an office setting looking at papers all day long. Their personalities are meant to be free and on the road. But truck drivers have to follow rules in their line of duty. DOT compliance services are always a concern for the trucker.

Days for a trucker can begin very early. Many drivers like to move with the light; others prefer to drive through the night. OTR truck drivers don’t have set starting hours, unless they’re calling into dispatch after returning from time off. A truck driver may be expected to work up to 70 hours over eight days. After working 70 hours, you are not supposed to be driving again until you have taken off 34 hours. This 70-hour limit might be reached by someone working 14 hours in a day, but they could not drive for more than 11 hours in a day. If you are an independent trucker, you might have a little more flexibility. If you have been involved in an accident, let the salt lake city auto accident lawyer help you determine your rights.

Rhythm Of The Job

Different jobs have different rhythms to them. This has a lot to do with various conditions and the circumstances that exist in the work environment. People who drive trucks do not have to worry about the fate of working with strangers in an office and bosses who constantly berate them. Truck drivers have the open road and a time limit. There are no co-workers around to complain or office politics to deal with.

But trucking can be a lonely profession. You will be spending a lot of time in your truck alone while you complete your route. Driving long distances can be hard on the body as you cannot stand up to stretch unless you pull over. Trucking is also hard on relationships as you are away from home a good deal of time. Many drivers miss their families and complain they do not get to see their children grow up.

Personal Freedoms

There are many advantages that come with a truck driver’s schedule, not the least of which is a great view of the country. You will see beautiful landscapes as you take your loads to new locations.  Hopefully, you’ll get to drive modern trucks with comfortable, ergonomically designed seats to help you stay alert and focused. Even though a trucker is in a small 8′ x 8′ space, this shouldn’t confine a person’s ambition or imagination.


Trucking is very flexible when it comes to deciding when to work, what to ship and who to work with. For example, people can decide to truck in teams with their friends and relatives—earning more money. They can also decide when they want to work. Though some drivers are paid hourly, most often truck drivers are paid by the mile. A driver isn’t getting paid when they are not delivering. Some drivers are paid hourly, but in most cases compensation is calculated by the mile. Truck drivers are also not worried about emergency breakdowns because they know there are tow truck dublin professionals at towing247.ie ready to help them.

Great Prospects

Truck drivers are the people who allow the gears of society to turn. They are the ones who bring food to the shelves of stores. They are the ones who bring products from point A to point B. It is a stable occupation that is much needed, and many more drivers will be needed in the future.

People who have chosen truck driving as an occupation have chosen to take on a very important role in society that results in the availability of products and supplies.

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