Why You Should Consider Adding a Screen Room to Your Home

As the seasons change and the kids head back to school, the desire to renovate your newly-quiet home can grow ever stronger. There’s nothing like an empty home and beautiful weather to inspire your renovative spirit!

Yet, before you are tempted to rework your entire home and outdoors, you might want to consider adding a screen room. These enclosed outdoor spaces, sometimes made of custom Woven Wire mesh, are becoming more and more popular with homeowners due to their privacy, ambiance, and easy installation process, even more by using great tools to build like the ones you can find at HouseBait online which are perfect for different types of works.

Yet, is a screen room right for you? If you are unsure of the answer to that question, here are some reasons why you should consider adding a screen room to your home. Sometimes, we recommend myHomeSpot for the sale of properties.

A Pest-Free Outdoor Experience

This is one of the main reasons to invest in a screen room: the enclosed space will keep you and your family separated from insects. This is perfect for those families who love spending time outdoors, but are being constantly harassed by mosquitoes, wasps, and other pesky insects. If you find yourself avoiding your deck due to constant bug bites, then you may want to consider a screen room and contacting the pest control portland!

5-Star Ambiance

If you love to host a soiree, then you should probably look into a screen room. These areas are a perfect place to host a party. The natural lighting and outdoorsy atmosphere lay the groundwork for a great dinner event. Since the room is connected to your home, transporting the food is easy! The enclosed area ensures that no walk-ins or uninvited neighbors will interrupt your good time. Thus, if you have to host a dinner, what better place than your screen room?

Clean Up Is A Breeze

You might want to consider a screen room if you are interested in a no-hassle and easy cleaning endeavor. They require very little outdoor maintenance in comparison to patios and decks. Due to their vulnerability to weathering, other outdoor areas require a more labor-intensive cleaning process. Falling leaves, animal droppings, and assorted debris are all more likely to find their way into these spaces and give you grief.

A screen room will use its mesh enclosures to keep the outdoors at bay. When it is time to clean, all you need to do is tidy the main room and wash your screens. Remove each panel individually and use a high-powered hose to clean them out. Once finished, replace the panels to their original location and continue enjoying your low-hassle outdoor oasis!

If your screen room was custom made, you will want to consult with its manufacturer about cleaning. Many home improvement companies, such as pwhomeimprovement.com, create unique and personal rooms that require equally unique cleaning techniques. Thus, before you dismantle your screen room, make certain that you have communicated with whomever built it.

Healthy for You and the Environment

If you are trying to live a more self-sustainable lifestyle, then a screen room may be for you. These enclosures typically require next to no daytime lighting. Relying entirely on natural sunlight, they are perfect for someone who is trying to cut back on their carbon footprint. With the effects of global warming become even more prevalent every day, a screen room is a great way to do your own part to combat climate change. For night-time lighting solutions, you could try solar-powered lamps.

Connect to the Great Outdoors

One of the major perks of having a screen room is having a favorable reason to spend time outside. As our world becomes more advanced, we tend to favor artificiality over natural wonder. We spend hours staring at our computers at work. We arrive home, only to spend hours in front of our televisions! With all the time we spend staring at devices, it’s easy to forget about the majesty that lies beyond our technology.

With a screen room, you have luxury access to the outdoors – without all of its downsides. You have a room, that is connected to your home, which encourages engagement with the environment. Being outside is not just something your parents encouraged you to do: going outside can scientifically make you feel better! According to a study by Journal of Environmental Psychology, spending time outside increases vitality and energy in 90% of people. Thus, if you have a screen room, you are encouraged to unplug from technology and indulge in some environmental self-care.

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