Protect The First Responders With Fire Safety

fireman and first respondersEvery city, every state, every country has some type of fire station. At these fire stations live brave firemen who risk their lives daily to protect the people of their communities. Whether they are responding to a fire in a home, or to the scene of an automobile accident, the moment they walk out their front door, their life goes on the line for you. This article is going to talk about some of the dangers that firemen go through on a daily basis and how we can take steps around our homes to help prevent them having to come to respond to the scene of a fire at our house.

House fires are scary for not only the family involved, but also the firemen responding to the scene. They do not know what to expect when arriving at the scene. Will they have to go inside the home and face the fire to save someone? How bad will the fire be? Firemen go through a lot of training, including fire warden training, to prepare them for the day that they may have to go inside a burning building to save someone, but they are never truly prepared. Even though firemen wear protective clothing, like clothing from Galls, they can still receive some pretty harsh burns and are at risk for smoke inhalation.

So what are some steps you can take to help protect your home from fires, and protect firemen from having to respond to the scene of a fire at your home? Well, for starters, you can make sure to unplug electronics when you leave your home, and when you go to bed. House fires happen too often and electrical fires are one of the main reasons for them. So it is important that you pay attention to fire protection design services. You can also make sure that if you burn candles, they are in a safe location. You do not want candles to burn in an area that a child or pet can get to them, or having them burn near curtains. Make sure your candles are not near the edge of a counter or anything where they can get knocked off. You may also install a fire inspection software in your computer or phone to help you regularly inspect your fire protection equipment or any fire hazard in your home or place of work. If you have a fire door at home or in your office, make sure that it is being inspected regularly so when it needs a fire door repair service, you can take action at once.

Another way to prevent a house fire, if you have a fireplace, is to make sure you are inspecting it regularly for creosote build up. You need to make sure to keep the fireplace, or stove, and the chimney cleaned. A chimney sweep services company can help you with the cleaning. Chimney fires can happen fast and they burn even faster. Never leave a fire burning when no-one is home to watch it. Fires in a fireplace are no different than campfires, never leave them unattended.

Around Christmas time, we all have our beautiful Christmas trees placed around our homes. Have you ever thought about the dangers of having lights hung on those trees? These lights can get hot and spark fires. You want to make sure you check your lights often and replace any that have blown so that they do not short out and start a fire. Make sure to check those lights occasionally for overheating. You do not want your lights getting too hot. Also, never leave the lights on your tree lit when you are leaving your home!

Cooking is another big way that house fires start. Grease fires can start if you are cooking something with grease and the heat is too high, or you spill grease on your burner. Walking away from your stove while it is in use is not a good idea either. Things can spark up in the blink of an eye. Always double check to make sure you turned your stove and oven off when leaving home.

If you can take these simple steps to help protect your home from house fires, you will also be protecting the firemen of your community. No one can prevent a house fire except the people living in the house. Moreover, having a fire extinguisher, fire sprinkler installation and fire suppression systems in your home is an effective way to prevent the spread of the fires. No one wants their house to be involved in a house fire, so make sure you are inspecting things around your house and unplugging everything when you leave. Firemen risk their lives for us daily. The least we can do is take the steps to help protect them from harm.

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