How to Build and Install a Wooden Gate?

The installation of a wooden gate not only improves home security but also makes the outside of your house much more appealing, whilst offering you privacy. Not only can wooden gates be installed at the side of a house, but larger, double gates make an excellent entrance gate at the boundary or end of driveway.

There are an infinite number of security gates available on the market, in all dimensions and for all purposes. Wooden gate is one of the most popular options. If you buy a gate then follow Step 1, and once you have your hinge posts in place hang your gate as Step 3 and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 1

Measure your space and decide on the style of gate you would like and whether it will hinge inwards or outwards. This is yet another time that the advice has to be to measure twice, a lot of time and effort is going to go into this project, you do not want to end up with a gate that doesn’t fit the space or can’t swing because once you have driven your car in there isn’t room to close it!

The use of Lenox bandsaw blades and manual pole saw is effective for cutting raw wood. Wet chips between the teeth during the cutting process can easily come out of the kerf without hindering the movement of the tool.

If the space is less than 4’ you can safely install one gate, any wider than that and you need two gates meeting in the middle.

Check out your existing fence posts to be certain that they will take the weight of the gate you wish to install and that they are upright. If you are not sure how to check the durability of your fence you can consult experts from If you have no uprights on a concrete or stone fence then 2 x 8 beams will suffice and will need concreting in securely and securing the fence. If it is in a wooden fence-line then 6 x 6 posts will be needed and again, they need concreting in.

Level out the ground if necessary, or create hard standing, so that your gate can swing freely in both directions. Try also to have a Wood Fence Staining for it will preserve the color of your fence and help your wood last longer.

If you need help you can look for a residential fence company to assist you on this.

Step 2

You need to build the frame of your gate –make sure that you leave half an inch either side to allow the gate to swing, and six inches or so at the bottom of the gate to give ground clearance. Working on a flat surface will make it easier to construct your gate. Using 2 x 4’s build the frame to fit the gate size that you require, inserting a diagonal for strength, and to keep the gate square.

Attach risers to the frame – always leave space between your risers to allow the wood to swell without warping the frame – 2 x 4’s remain a very sensible choice, however you could use a different size wood depending on the look you require.

Step 3

Measure where you want to put the hinges and attach them to the gate. Using blocks to hold your gate up proffer it up to the gate-posts and secure the hinges to the posts at your measured points.

Step 4

Install a Lock or even better hire a professional from a company like locksmiths 365 dublin to do it for you, they will ensure a good job to be done and of course the security of you and your family.

After checking that the gate swings as you wish and is level then apply the latches – please make sure that you can open and close the gate from both sides.

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