Top Home Security Systems That You Need

A home security system installation is at the top of many homeowners’ lists. With all the reports of break-ins, an affordable home security system can prevent a burglary from happening. It can alert your neighbors, fire department, and police. The latest security systems include wireless security cameras, smartphone apps, improved motion detectors and even the use of burglar-proofing windows.

There are so many advantages to having a home security system. Not only will it keep your family safe, but it’ll also save you on property losses. An efficient home security system will deter an intrusion and save you from a costly incident. Here are some advanced systems that all homeowners should consider. If you still need more tips after this article, browse this site to learn more and even hire a security service.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras have boomed in the technology world for great video monitoring systems. Plenty of homeowners want to keep an eye on their property when they’re away from home. Wireless security cameras are a great alternative to the stand-alone, hardwired options. Place the camera wherever you want, plug it in, and connect it to your Suddenlink network. You can monitor your home from any device or web browser. Some wireless security cameras even include cloud-based solutions for an affordable monthly fee.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are also known as passive infrared motion detectors or PIR sensors. They are becoming the most common type of sensors that homeowners use since they’re affordable and practical. They’re called passive because they work without the need to radiate any energy. PIR sensors immediately detect changes in the air temperature as well as nearby body heat.

If these sensors detect a temperature change to the presence of an intruder, the alarm goes off. Infrared energy does not pass through glass, so the alarm doesn’t get triggered when your family or presents are outside.

Unmonitored Systems

Another popular form of home security is an unmonitored system. This system alerts you with a loud siren whenever there’s a presence of a foreign object or intruder outside your home. This system alerts your next door neighbors to call the police if you’re not home at the time. The great thing about this home monitoring system is that it doesn’t include monitoring fees.

This system includes flashing lights so that neighbors know where the alarm is going off. One disadvantage with this system is that you have to rely on your neighbors to hear the siren and contact the police. This home monitoring doesn’t call the police. If you’re away from home, this alarm will not provide security for your house.

Wireless Alarm System

Wireless alarm systems are available at your local hardware store. There are advantages and disadvantages to these home monitoring systems. One advantage is that they’re easy to install and don’t include monitoring fees. You can choose from a wide variety of settings such as cameras, lights, motion detectors, and sensors.

Some of the disadvantages include the limited distance you have to place the sensors and cameras around your home. The batteries have to replaced frequently, which can be an additional expense.

Electric Current Home Alarm

An electric current home alarm system has more advantages than disadvantages. This home monitoring system is used for new properties built from the ground up. It monitors your doors, windows, and other spaces in your home. It’ll alert you whenever these areas are opened. This is great for added security, but also for preventing your kids from sneaking out of the house.

One small disadvantage is that it could interfere with your electrical currents. Lighting is also known to interfere with electric current home monitoring systems.

Smart Garage Sensors

Smart garage sensors add a sense of security to your garage or shed. It alerts you whenever you left the door open and allows you to shut or open your door from anywhere in the world. Sometimes people leave their house in a rush, forgetting to close the garage door. A smart garage sensor can prevent a drive back home or a call to a friend or a neighbor to check your garage door.

Location Based Services

Location-based services are becoming one of the most popular home security systems due to their convenience. By installing a virtual fence around your home, your smartphone app will alert you whether you’re at home or away from home. Notifications can be set to alert you if someone is lurking around your home, your doors are locked or unlocked, or if your system is alarmed or not. Location-based systems are available through certain home security platforms. This will give you more for your money since they cost more than the other systems on this list.

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