4 Ways to Create Outdoor Storage Space on a Budget

Outdoor storage is important for many of us. Whether you own a classic car or a ton of tools, you will need some kind of storage space to keep them safe from the elements, accidental damage, and thieves. If you are lucky enough to have a spacious garage attached to your home, you may not need extra storage space, but if your garage is full or you don’t have one, read on for some useful tips on creating extra storage space outdoors on a tight budget.

Buy a Second-Hand Shed

The easiest way to acquire extra storage for the backyard is to look for a second-hand shed on Gumtree, Craig’s List, Facebook, or in the local classified ads. You won’t find many second-hand sheds for sale, as they are usually used to extinction. But it is worth looking, as some people get rid of their old shed when they upgrade to a shiny new one.

Plastic or metal sheds are longer lasting than timber sheds, so if you spot one of these, it is definitely worth a look. If you see a used timber shed for sale, inspect it closely for signs of wet rot, dry rot, or insect damage. If the timber is in poor condition, walk away, as it won’t have much life left in it.

Repurpose Materials

Recycling old pallets and other pieces of timber you have lying around is always worth doing. There are some great online tutorials detailing how to build a shed using pallets. Go small if you only need storage space for toys or garden tools, or big it up for larger items, such as yard furniture.

You can do a lot with a stack of timber pallets, and the good news is that they are usually available for free from local businesses.

Construct a Cheap Timber Shed

It doesn’t cost all that much to build a timber shed from scratch. You can find the materials at your local Home Depot or DIY merchant. All you need is some DIY experience and the right tools to build and erect a shed. Look for simple plans online and earmark a few weekends for your shed project. The satisfaction you will gain from building a shed is not to be underestimated.

Level Up with a Steel Building

Timber sheds are great, but if your storage needs are greater, or you want a structure that will last more than a few years, think about upgrading to a steel building.

Modular metal buildings such as the Armstrong steel buildings are perfect for outdoor storage. You will pay a bit more, but steel buildings are a lot more affordable than you think, especially when you look at how long they last. Design a steel building to suit your budget and specification. Each part is pre-fabricated, so it can be quickly and easily erected on-site, which saves you hefty installation costs. Steel building erection is well within the skillset of a DIYer, so you won’t have to pay big money to a professional installation team.

Think carefully about how much storage you need and what your budget is. Only then can you make a final decision.

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