Moving Tips From the Professionals

Whether you’re moving a small apartment or a five-bedroom house, the process can be a confusing one. There are a lot of details to pay attention to, and you may not be aware of everything that must be done. Take a cue from a professional moving company by following these moving tips. You’ll have a better experience as a result of your preparation.

Turn on Utilities

One of the most basic tasks to take care of during a move is to shut off the utilities at your old address. Most people don’t think past this task to include utilities at the new location, however. Be sure to turn on the electricity, gas and water at the new home. Ideally, perform this task several days before the big day. You’ll be able to turn on the lights as you open up the home to the movers. Darkened areas of the home with no electricity will make moving day much harder than with activated utilities.

Research Moving Companies

Don’t randomly pick a moving company from an advertisement. Research your options by using a local moving company finder. Some smaller companies and local movers might have the perfect services for your needs. It’s not necessary to hire the largest moving company in the area.

Be sure that the residential movers have experience with residential moves. If you’re moving across the country, look for experience in this area. Every mover understands the basics about transport, but true professionals offer specialties. Their experience will help you through the moving process.

Communicate With the Movers

Discuss every detail possible with the residential movers. Avoid surprising them with stairs, narrow corridors or over-sized items. When you’re upfront about these details, a plan can be made. Most movers will have strategies for difficult moves, but they need time to plan out the details.

Although you may be in contact with the movers several weeks before the move, don’t forget to call and confirm the appointment about 24 hours before they should arrive. If any details have changed, they can be dealt with at that point.

Pay Attention to Appliance Transport

There are particular rules for transporting appliances. Refrigerators, for example, must be moved in an upright position. Laying them on their sides will only warp the structure. Pay careful attention to the appliances as they’re moved onto the truck. Experienced movers will know how to arrange the appliances so that they’re as safe as possible. Wires and hoses should be secured so that they can be quickly attached at the new address.

Pack Strategically

Pack as many items as you can before the big, moving day. Start with items that you only use on an irregular basis, such as the good China dishes during the holidays. These items should be the first ones going into the truck too. Anything that’s needed on a daily basis will be packed last and easy to access on the truck’s rear end.

Stay With the Items

If you’re moving to a location where an overnight trip is necessary, try to stay with your items in the moving truck. Park at a hotel that offers good lighting in the parking lot. Park as close to your room as possible. Plan on checking the truck several times overnight. Unfortunately, a moving truck is a target for criminals.

Some people park the truck against a wall so that a side door can’t be accessed. Do what you can in order to secure the truck during an overnight stay.

Develop a Plan for the Household Pets

Remember that moving day isn’t just stressful on people. Your pets will also feel the strain. Come up with a plan for the pets so that they’re not exposed to a lot of excitement. Your neighbors might care for the pets during the move, for instance. It’s always a good idea to keep the pets away from the action because their presence slows down the movers. There might be a chance to escape too, which leads to more stress on the family and pet. The family pet can always join your loved ones at the new address after the move.

If you’re trying to move during a busy season, such as during the summer, be sure to confirm your appointment with the movers. The best companies will be booked during the peak seasons. Preparing your home and working with reputable movers can make a big difference in your move’s overall experience.

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