The Path to a Career in Home Inspection

Becoming a certified home inspector is a popular career choice for both men and women. The home inspection field can be a rewarding place to find a career because not only is it a fairly easy field to enter it is a job that helps people ensure their home is safe. There are a lot of pluses when it comes to being a home inspector from pay to working conditions to flexibility. The average annual income for a certified home inspector averages about $60,000. The hours are flexible, and workers are often able to start their own businesses. The most important step in finding a job in this area is receiving training from a reputable source and getting a home inspection license.

Step One: Take and Pass a Course

To get a home inspection license, a course must be taken. In this class, an instructor will teach students the ins and outs of the job. Students will learn what to look for when inspecting a home and how to document what they find.

These courses typically require students to spend a certain number of hours learning in the classroom. At the end of those hours, they will need to pass a test to prove they have the knowledge it takes to be successful.

Most courses teach how to complete an inspection but may not go into detail about how houses are built. Therefore, background in a construction-related field can be helpful in passing the course. If students do not have this career experience, they may learn best from a course that covers more than just inspection basics.

Courses that help students get their home inspection licenses are also available with additional features. Other topics that courses may cover range from construction topics such as roofing and electricity to specialized topics such as pools or fireplaces. It is important that students know the skills they are looking to learn before choosing a class.

Step Two: Apply

In order to attain a home inspection license, students will need to pass their course and then apply for their license with the state in which they live. This is an important step because in order to legally be an inspector, the correct license must be held.

If these steps are followed, becoming a home inspector can be an easy process that brings a person to a rewarding career. As a home inspector, you can enjoy a flexible schedule and the satisfaction of helping others secure their dream home.

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