Top 4 Deal Breakers When Considering a New Home?

Buying new homes is an exciting adventure that’s also enriching. It leaves you full of pride! There are so many things to considering when looking for a house that it can easily become overwhelming and make you dizzy. But, there are a few things that should be considered above all: location, square footage, and quality. Once you are ready to search for your new home make sure you sign in to your Landmark 24 Realty account.

These are the basics. Once you have them down, it’s time to start looking at houses that fit your criteria. This means a lot of house tours, online shopping, and comparing. Whether you are looking at the houses in person or online, there are red flags that you should keep your eye out for. Even if the house meets the basic requirements you have, the red flags should lead you away from certain contenders.

This will be your new house, so it’s worth taking the time to evaluate whether these 4 common problems are deal breakers.

Foundation/Structural Problems

Having a solid foundation is far from underrated. It’s the key to having a long lasting and good quality home and not something that can be casually fixed. If there are problems with a home’s foundation, no matter how beautiful or antique it is, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. Over a million pennies, at least.

First, if the home has an unfinished basement it’s easy to see if there is cracking in the foundation. Minor cracking is pretty normal, but major cracks are a red flag.

If the basement is either finished or nonexistent, you can still look at the foundation. Look at the door frames. If they are not square or the doors don’t close easily, the structure of the home isn’t the best.

The best thing to do is hire a structural engineer to inspect your top choice.


Mold is a dangerous thing to have in your house, especially if you have children. Plus, once mold has made its home somewhere, it tends to stay. If you’re still asking yourself why mold is a year-round problem, it’s because it’s so hard to detect, and remediation is a costly affair.

You probably want to avoid dealing with mold once you settle in, so hire that inspector to evaluate how attractive your home is to fungus.


If bugs are crawling all around during your home tour, you know there is something wrong with the house. Many of the pests that are common in households can cause major damage to a home. The damage can cost thousands of dollars. Plus, the pests tend to go after wood and other stabilizing structures in your home.

A pest inspection is inexpensive and completely worth it. If an inspector determines that the house you want to purchase has a pest problem, the seller is responsible for dealing with the problem.

Amateur Repairs

Everyone would rather think of themselves as a DIY expert when it comes to home repair, but not many are fortunate to be masters. People attempt to do these types of projects whenever something is an issue. If you are interested in purchasing a flipped property, amateur workmanship could be a real problem.

When you are touring the house, look out for plumbing, carpentry, and electrical jobs that could be DIY. If things leak, miss trim work, or look sloppy, you might have yourself an amateur project.

Don’t let these red flags scare you away from making a final purchase. If your dream house has these issues, remember that it’s never the only home on the market. Being patient and cautious always pays off!

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