Getting A New Boiler Installed

If there’s one thing we’re always going to want in our homes, it’s hot water and a working heating system. That means there are plenty of boiler installation firms out there ready and willing to help you with your boiler replacement and boiler rental needs. The trouble is, not all of these boiler companies have the same ethos and values. Some are unscrupulous and eager for a sale; others are simply under-experienced. It can feel as though you’re playing the lottery when it comes to choosing an installer, though this doesn’t have to be the case.

Your boiler and fuel storage tank are integral parts of your home. It is produced by the industrial steam boiler manufacturers. If you like your old inefficient boiler replaced, apply today for your new boiler grant. You may qualify under the Government’s ECO scheme in 2020. You need to be reassured that it’s working correctly and that you’re completely safe. This means that you need to check that the company you’re working for is Gas Safe registered and has the relevant qualifications such as NVQs and gas specific qualifications. You can read frequently asked plumbing questions to get an idea of some of the different queries you may want to ask. Good boiler installation companies will be happy to list the qualifications of their staff and will display them prominently on their websites and promotional material.

One of the key reasons you may opt for a larger company over a small, regional one is that local providers may not display their skills and expertise as prominently as major companies, and you may decide to trust in a name you know. However, the benefits of a local company often include a competitive pricing structure and a more personal service. They will generally have the same skills as your larger companies but will be cheaper and be able to spend more time offering advice rather than trying to sell you a new home boiler as quickly as possible. So, while experience is vital, take a look at smaller companies operating in the local area to find out whether there are local installation firms who can offer the same level of experience at more competitive prices. Don’t be uneasy about asking questions and investigating the credentials of your local installers. They’ll be happy to tell you their qualifications.

It’s an unfortunate fact that, when you’re searching for boiler installers and the right Boiler Cover, you’ll come across some companies that simply aren’t up to the job. Perhaps they have a vast amount of experience in fitting heating systems, but their boiler knowledge comes down to a single model that they always recommend, regardless of its suitability for the boiler installation at hand.

Boiler installation shouldn’t be a lottery. When you approach an installer, you should have confidence that they are able to assess the needs of your household and recommend a boiler accordingly. Space is an issue, for instance, so too is the energy efficiency rating. In addition, it may, unfortunately, be the case that you can’t afford the type of boiler you’d prefer. If so, experts can advise on alternatives and will be honest about the downsides. Visit to see if they can cater to your area.

Along with the knowledge of professional boiler installers, you will also find that the price of labour is an issue. The final costs of a boiler installation, if provided by an unscrupulous company, can often rise far above what you expected to pay when you first started looking. If you check the small print thoroughly, and thus a reputable firm who are clear about their pricing structures from the very start of proceedings, you should avoid that alarming big bill at the end of the process. Visit sites like to get a quote.

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