Green Cleaning

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Green cleaning is a great way to keep your home in tip-top condition, without using harmful chemicals and toxins. When you use natural or green cleaning products from, you aren’t exposing your family or guests to the plethora of dangerous chemicals and you’re not harming the environment either.

What’s more – green cleaning is just as effective as cleaning with chemical-laden products. In fact, fans of green cleaning rave about the results obtained with natural and eco-friendly products (like these eco friendly gifts), so you get twice the shine with half the elbow-grease!

If you’re keen to give green cleaning a go, try our helpful tips today…

1. Stock your cupboard with green supplies

A lot of standard household products make great green cleaners so there’s a good chance you’ll have some of these in your cupboards already but it’s always worth checking. Sodium Bicarbonate, or Baking soda, is a must-have for green cleaning, and olive oil, lemon juice, white vinegar, and washing soda all come in handy too.

2. Cut down your cleaning routine

With a few minor changes, you can actually reduce the amount of deep cleaning you need to do and move away from chemical-based products. According to the most trusted cleaners in Auckland, instead of clogging up your drains or garbage disposal and relying on heavy-duty drain cleaners, for example, simply scrape leftovers directly into the bin and save yourself a job the next day. You can also hire Commercial Roll Off Dumpster Rentals and dumpster rentals services for commercial trash removal and dumpster rental to take care of your garbage removal.

A residential or commercial dumpster rental service will collect residential wastes using a roll off dumpster rental truck. And if you unfortunately do clog your drains, contacting professional drain cleaning services for assistance.

Similarly, doing jobs as and when they’re needed is far more efficient than letting them build up. Cleaning your oven is a classic example of this. If your oven is overdue a clean, you’re not alone! Stuck-on food remnants, grease and spills mean that cleaning your oven can be hard work and it’s a job we all tend to put off until another day. If you keep on top of it, however, and wipe around your oven after each use, you’ll find it’s far easier to clean. What’s more – your natural cleaning products will be far more effective if you take action before it gets too messy in there.

3. Prepare your surfaces

Depending on existing décor, you may want to use a range of natural products to finish and protect your floors, worktops and kitchen accessories. If you have a wooden table, worktop, floors and/or chopping boards, bowls and utensils, the experts and Real Milk Paint fans recommend dedicated finishing oils, such as Pure Tung Oil. Also known as Chinawood Oil, Pure Tung Oil gives a fantastic finish but it’s also approved for food contact by the FDA, so it’s ideal for worktops, prep surfaces, and wooden utensils.

With your surfaces prepped, your cupboard stocked with natural cleaners and a streamlined cleaning routine, your home will be shiny and clean in no time. Even better, you can create and maintain a clean and healthy environment without exposing yourself and your family to any potentially harmful toxins.

For commercial spaces, you may also use green cleaning products or ask the cleaners to use them. Electrostatic Cleaning of residential and commercial spaces, for instance, is a sought-after green cleaning service. When contacting commercial kitchen hood cleaners, you may ask if they can use green products when cleaning your restaurant’s kitchen hoods.

Remember – just because green cleaning products are natural, it doesn’t mean that they’re safe. Cleaning materials should always be kept away from children and pets and you should always check which products can be used together before you apply more than one product to a particular area. With this in mind, you’ll have no problem keeping your home spick and span. Why not try a green clean now?

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