Historic Ships that You Can Still Visit

Did you know that USS Constitution, the legendary American frigate lovingly called Old Ironsides, has been afloat for over 100 years now?

Life on open sea has enchanted mankind since the time of Viking vessels and seafaring has shaped the world as we know it today, says Premier Ship Models, a company that makes the finest USS Constitution Models. Most of the legendary vessels are gone now, but there are some that you can still see.

Queen Mary

This stunning ocean liner from a glamorous bygone era was built by the Cunard cruise line and launched in 1934. Between, 1938 and 1967, she sailed the North Atlantic route, capturing the highly prestigious Blue Riband on her first trip, a feat which was considered a ground-breaking achievement at that time.

This super luxurious and grand passenger liner was very popular with the British royalty and movie stars during its run. These days, this ship can be seen in Los Angeles’ Long Beach where it serves as a hotel and a tourist attraction.

USS Wisconsin

This battleship built in 1941 is among the largest and last of its type built by the US Navy. For its meritorious performance in World War II, it earned 5 battle stars. If you’re a naval history enthusiast, you can visit this ship in Norfolk, Virginia, a waterfront city that has the largest naval base in the world. These days this ship is a popular choice for making historical model ships.

USS Constitution

The USS Constitution was highly instrumental in giving birth to modern America. In 1794, the newly independent United States of America authorized the construction of 6 frigate warships. The three-masted Constitution, popularly known as Old Ironsides was one of them. It was built in Boston at Hartt’s shipyard and launched in 1797.

The ship had many memorable engagements during its run, the most popular being against four British frigates in the 1812 war of independence. Today, the Constitution holds the record for being the oldest commissioned vessel that remains afloat. She can be seen in Boston in the Charlestown Navy Yard which is a part of the National Historical Museum.

Queen Elizabeth 2

Queen Elizabeth 2 or QE2 is another one of Cunard’s iconic luxury passenger liners. She first set sail in 1969 and during her 39-year career, she completed 25 around-the-world trips and more than 800 transatlantic crossings.

With a top speed of 19 knots, this ship could move faster backwards than most cruise ships can move forwards. This was also why she even served as a troopship during the Falklands War. QE2 was sold in 2007 to the Dubai government and is now a luxury static hotel near the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

USS Midway

Until 1955, this humongous aircraft carrier commissioned at the end of World War II was the world’s biggest ship. This floating city took part in the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm and many other modern conflicts. These days, this ship rests in the USS Midway Museum in San Diego.

If you wish to own a scale model of one of these historical ships, there are many reputed companies that build wooden model ship kits of popular past and present vessels.

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