The 12 Most Popular Career Choices For Recent Graduates

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Graduation is just around the corner for many college students. Leaving university can be a daunting and anxious time and as your caps are soaring through the air later this month, many of you may be anxious about your  next move. What type of role will suit you as you prepare to enter the world of work? Careers site like Linkedin can be an invaluable source, when it comes to analyzing what the most common jobs are for last years’ alumni as well as measuring up your own qualifications for a role that you think you’ll be perfect for. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the most popular full time jobs college students take on in their first few years after graduation, the salaries and expected career progression so you can see how you can go about landing your dream job.  If you plan to continue your education journey visit Physics – University of CA – Merced for guidance.


A fantastic entry level role, an administrative assistant role is a great starting point for those with degrees in the social sciences, communications, PR or business. You can showcase you knack for writing by taking minutes in meeting, preparing internal emails and newsletters as well as putting your analytical skills to the test by doing data-entry and compiling data. If you would rather work at home, you can apply as a virtual assistant. Check out this free virtual assistant training review if you are interested in becoming one.


An Account manager is a sales based role that involves working with people. Ideally, a real ‘people’s person’ , recruiters often look for a grad with a background in the creative arts as well as business. You need to be confident speaking to existing clients as well as having the foresight and intuition to seek out new clients for your company.


Teaching is still considered one of the noblest professions. Despite that there is a shortage of teachers worldwide. Helping the next generation to accomplish and realise their goals can be a hugely rewarding experience. With graduates from the computer sciences, mathematics and engineering, regularly being headhunted and being offered huge ‘golden handshakes’ for joining the Education field, this may be a role well worth considering.

Law Enforcement

Passionate about making the world a safer place? Then a career in law enforcement could be for you. While many may think that policing degrees are the the best option to beginning a glittering career, there are many routes into this brave and challenging role.

Social Media

Do you live and breathe all things digital and love to communicate? A career in social media might be for you. A perfect placement for those with media, communications or an advertising degree, you will get to take charge of how and what your brands social media channels look like. It’s a creative and fast-paced role that bound to be interesting.


A one for the number-crunchers. The role of Financial Analyst is famously described as  an extremely demanding and stressful job, however thousands of graduates each year decide that they are up to the task. An degree in accounting, economics or statistics will see that you have the necessary acumen in sales, management and analysis to take on such a role. If you are interested in this career choice, then visit the Economics University of CA Merced website.


Don’t want to go back to stacking shelves like you did in your undergrad days? A career in the retail sector doesn’t mean that you have to be a sales associate. Many well-known retail chains offer well-rounded and immersive graduate programmes. They aim to train you in store roles that require more responsibility and managerial acumen than your typical Saturday shop floor role.  Love fashion and know good with facts and figures? A career in Buying could be right for you. Have a creative streak and an eye for detail? Retail merchandising, Allocation or Visual could be a great opportunity for you too.

Engineering and Industrial

There is currently a huge demand for graduates with scientific degrees like a biophysics degree within this sector. As such, the financial rewards for such roles can be highly lucrative. There are wide range of career options under this umbrella, including but not limited to; aerospace, automotive and biotechnology engineers.

Information Technology

IT, or Information Technology, is a popular sector with graduates from all backgrounds. It encompasses computer related activities from computer repair, programming, web development and software design. Huge companies such as Microsoft and IBM similar to this Idaho IT services company offer graduate programmes but there are also many opportunities within smaller companies.


Law will always be a popular career choice for university leavers and is hugely competitive. Many even choose to take a conversion course from their current undergrad as a path into the career. In addition to extremely strong academic grades, you will need to second to none verbal and reasoning skills as well as a phenomenal analytical skills. The huge range of specialities you can pick, from criminal, family to commercial and many  more make it an interesting and rewarding opportunity for many.

Oil and energy

The oil and energy sector is another industry that is suffering from an huge skills shortage. The industry relies on scientists, engineers and geophysicist, so it’s a sector that is brimming with graduate opportunities. Perfect for those that want to travel and see the world, now they’ve graduated, working in oil is a brilliant opportunity to work and live overseas. While it is not considered a glamourous and slick role, working in oil can be extremely lucrative and progression is notoriously quick.


A career in television, animation, advertising, radio or film is encompassed under the media umbrella. A highly desirable career, thats notoriously competitive and tricky to get into, this role is best suited for those with the ‘gift of the gab’ and untold levels of confidence. Don’t want to be in front of the camera? There are roles at all levels, from script writers and productions assistants to researchers and runners.

Aside from these 12 most recent popular career, if you think you have other choices, try to pursue them. You may also try the medical assistant programs offered by some college universities. If you are also interested to enroll in a military school, you can apply for a certification for veteran benefits to help cover the cost of your education.

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