Perfect Patio 101

Done correctly, with the help of a professional Concrete Patio Contractor, a patio can be an excellent addition to your outdoor space, providing a place to sit, spend time with family, and delight in the warmest months of the year.

However, simply laying a few slabs on the earth is rarely enough to produce the full “patio” experience. Before constructing a patio in your backyard, make sure the land is stable enough to support the structure. Otherwise, your backyard may need soil stabilization.

Below, we’ve listed a few ideas you may want to consider, all of which can help you to achieve the perfect patio once and for all…

#1 – Pick the right slabs

There are countless varieties of patio slabs available, most of which need to be viewed in person to truly assess. It’s therefore best to request samples of any slabs you are considering, then placing these samples in the rough area where you intend to lay your patio, so you judge them in a “live” scenario – similar to how you might paint wall colour samples before committing to painting the entire room. Also, slabs are prone to cracks, especially on the rainy season. When that happens, fix it immediately avoid it getting worse. Check it out here.

#2 – The importance of adequate patio shade


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Even if you install the best patio in the world, with the most stylish slabs, sitting out on your patio when the sun is high in the sky is always going to be unpleasant. Not only will you quickly overheat, but the sun itself poses a significant risk due to the threats of UV rays. As a result, no patio is complete without some form of shade or patio covers; you can install a parasol, or talk to local pergola builders if you’d prefer a more reliable, stylish solution.

#3 – Focus on finding comfortable, useful furniture

Furnishing your patio can be a tough ask; there are dozens of different furniture options available, so you’ll likely need to spend a fair amount of time researching options. When doing so, it is usually preferable to prioritize comfort over style; if the weather is on your side, you’ll be spending a lot of time on that furniture, so you need to ensure that your furniture is conducive to long periods of use. In addition, consider furniture that offers storage benefits. For example, wooden benches and chairs where the seat can be raised to reveal a storage compartment are an excellent option, and should make it simpler to keep the patio itself clutter-free while still ensuring you have everything you need for an afternoon spent outdoors, you should also be thinking for lighting, I recommend getting a solar off grid kit to install in your patio.

#4 – Add plant pots and planters

Perfect Patio 101

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No patio is complete without a few pots and planters; these add a touch of greenery and elegance, and if you choose to plant flowers, you can also look forward to beautiful fragrance enhancing your patio space. Wherever possible, it’s best to opt for heavier, more wind-resistant planters that are made from wood, metal, or ceramic materials, and do consider the style of planters you choose – ideally, you’re looking for colors and finishes that complement your patio slabs.

In conclusion

After following the above, you should be able to enjoy all the benefits a truly incredible patio space can offer to your garden, allowing you to make the most of the summer months and truly make the most of the time you spend outdoors.

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