Time to Sell? These Improvements Won’t Break The Bank

home improvements time to sell

Want to boost the value of your home without breaking the bank? Whether it’s to sell or for your own comfort, improving your home is always exciting and satisfying. No matter what the reason, adding value to your property will always reap you rewards whether it’s for yourself in the here and now, or in the long run your bank account.


Improve the Curb Appeal


A home always has great potential to sell if it looks nice from the outside. We spend so much energy and effort on the interior, often forgetting that the outside is what people will see first- it’s where they will have their first impressions of the property. Neat lawns with flower pots or hanging baskets not only produce a good effect for potential buyers, but they will greet you as the home owners every time you come home too. Simple things like washing the windows or raking up leaves outside can make a difference. You could even repaint your front door in an inviting shade, and add some new numbers to make it pop. Use all the tools at your disposal when it comes to selling your house. Sellers advantage review, for example, can be a quick and easy way to get that sale.


Go Neutral


When it comes to home improvements on a budget, painting the walls in pale neutral shades gives a blank canvas that buyers can picture themselves in. Rooms look bigger and brighter and give more scope for the imagination. Remove any fussy wallpaper and go around with a pot of ready-made filler, filling in cracks and scuffs for a cheap and easy way to improve the condition of the walls. After sanding they’ll be nice and smooth and ready for paint. Big pots of white or magnolia paint are really cheap, but a couple of coats on the walls can dramatically change the whole look of it.


Improve the Kitchen


The kitchen is a tricky room to upgrade on a budget, you probably don’t want to fit a brand new kitchen in a home you’re going to move out of. However, painting the cupboard doors and replacing the hardware will give it a cheap and effective facelift. You could paint the tiles too, or pull them down and replace them with a backsplash. These are cheaper and easier to put up than tiles and can be found in any color and design.


Remove Clutter


Pack up anything you don’t need right now and put it into storage. This makes things easier when you move out, plus, buyers could think there is a storage issue if they see a lot of clutter around. Declutter and sort your things into charity and throw away categories. “ A Tidy house, a tidy mind” as the saying goes and this will help you with the work ahead. If your place is full of personalised items pack some of them away too. This gives the place a lighter look and is easier to keep clean.


So when it comes to selling your home and tacking those jobs that help improve your chances, it doesn’t matter the budget; creativity always shines through. With hard work and dedication, your home will be flying off the market and you can get ready for your next project.


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