Great Ways to Get Your Home in Tip Top Shape This Summer – and Save Money At the Same Time

Summer’s just great, isn’t it?  We’re sure you’ll agree…

The sun’s shining – and it’s time to really kick back and relax at home – whenever you get the opportunity. 

summer ready


But there are some practical tasks you need to take care of first – before you can properly settle down and enjoy yourself.

So here are just a few things to put on your list – to make sure your house is in tip top shape for the season…

Are your windows summer ready?

Give your windows a good clean inside and out, so they can let in every possible ray of sunshine – and daylight.  And, after having them closed all winter, it’s also a great chance to throw them open and let in valuable fresh air.

summer windows


But when things really heat up…

But, when the weather warms up, remember it’s equally important to pull your drapes to, at the hottest points of the day.

It helps keep costs down, as it saves on the need for excessive use of ceiling – and other expensive indoor fans.  And drapes or curtains really do help keep rooms cool – so It’s worth investing in some – if you don’t already have them

Adequate, effective air conditioning

And while we’re discussing your home’s temperature, it brings us neatly to the next topic – your air conditioning.

You need to make sure it’s running effectively and efficiently so call a heating repair service before we reach the warmest part of the year.

Check your A/C ductwork  

If you’ve noticed any unexplained cost increases, it could be due to damage in your A/C ductwork. This is a crucial component of your home’s air conditioning and heating system – and you need to make sure that your Ducted Air-conditioning system is properly sealed and insulated ahead of the summer.

Otherwise, you can end up wasting precious energy and money on cooling spaces that don’t need it. 

Make sure your air con is properly maintained

Investing in regular checks and an A/C tune up not only helps you stay warm or cool – it also saves on your bills.  Have an air conditioning contractor perform the tune-up or repair your AC unit needs to ensure it can handle its job all throughout the summer.

And who doesn’t want that…? 

When you invest in proper, effective air conditioning repair and maintenance, you enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved air quality
  • Improving the lifespan and efficiency of your system
  • Decreased energy bills
  • Decreased chances of sudden, expensive breakdowns
  • Keeping your system’s warranty valid by meeting its requirements

Get ready to cook differently

Another factor that can affect your home’s temperature is the way you choose to cook – over the summer period.

You don’t want to put the oven on all the time when it’s hot, after all do you –  so think how you can handle this best in your home. 

Give your BBQ/outdoor grill a deep clean

So give your outdoor grill a good clean, ahead of the warmest weather – not just for parties, but for your everyday cooking needs. 

We hope you agree these few tips can help you get your home in real tip top shape for the summer.  They’ll help you stay cool, and save money – and you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy the new season.


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