Handy Numbers Everyone Needs To Have Stored In Their Phone-book

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No matter how prepared we may think we are for emergencies, unplanned events always seem to pop up out of nowhere and can cause us huge amounts of unnecessary stress and financial loss.


Generically, we all know or are taught that in the case of a medical emergency or a situation of imminent danger, we should call the emergency services. But there are other problems that can occur in one’s life which can often be fixed with knowledge of a certain product, service or specialized industry.


Having an emergency contact list prepared is not a waste of time when you can just look up phone numbers on your smartphone and dial in less than 10 seconds. When time is of the essence, you’ll be happy you can just bring up the number and call with the press of one button.


Here are some ideas where you may need to have a handy list prepared.


Animal Control


Many may think that animal control is only helpful when you need to get a bat out of your attic or a honey badger out of your back-yard, but animal control is very useful for so many other things as well. They can specialize in helping wounded animals found on the side of the road, if someone else’s pet wanders onto your property, or even if your own loved pet goes missing.


Poison Control


Most don’t ever need to call poison control. The chances are in needing this are slim but if there are kids and pets within the home, you may want to keep a company number handy just in case. Whether its poisonous plantation or pest pellets, along with a doctor and vet, If your pet or child swallows something potentially harmful, it’s hugely important to be able to quickly call poison control to find out what the best solution is.


A Locksmith


It happens to most people at least once, whether you accidentally dropped your keys down a drain, or completely lost them with no idea where they are, if you’ve ever locked yourself out of your house or car, you know how stressful these times can be. Eliminate the potential stress by having a trusted locksmith’s number on hand. A local locksmith can be with you within 60 minutes and tackle the problem you may face. A locksmith can help with a home, apartment, flat, or office lockout.


Roadside Assistance


Another common thing most people experience is driving down the highway only to realize that your car is slowing down, and regardless of how much gas you pump, you stop. Breaking down and being left stranded on a speedy highway can be a scary experience. If you pull over to find that you can’t fix the problem yourself and you’re stranded on the side of the road, it is best to have the number for a 24 Hour Truck Road Service. From a flat tire, refill on gas, or even getting a tow truck out to your location, they will be able to provide assistance and get you back on track.


The Utility Company


During a suspected gas leak or a power outage, you might immediately think its best to call and notify the emergency services. Although responders can generally help in these situations, if it is not life-threatening, your utility company will be better equipped to handle the situation quickly and effectively.


These are just a few handy numbers anyone should be prepared with. Are there any other phone numbers you think could be handy to have on speed dial? Let us know in the comments below!

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