Here Comes The Sun, But Is Your Home Ready For It?

Sun Shining

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We live in an age where more homeowners than ever are considering how to reduce their carbon footprints. Many of us focus on positive changes at home, such as recycling and turning off plugs. Now, though, we’re realizing that it may be necessary to take more extreme steps. And, solar panels are one of the best ways to do that.


Solar power is a fantastic way to harness the sun’s energy. For homeowners, this can also lead to cost-saving and even money-making when selling to a larger energy grid. If you’re considering switching to solar, then, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Before you jump into an expensive upfront investment here, though, do note that not all homes are solar-ready from the get-go. In some cases, it’s necessary to make changes or even consider alternatives to solar panels. To help you make an informed decision here, then, let’s consider the questions you should ask before making your solar dreams come true. 

Solar System on Home

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Does your roof get enough sun?


This may seem like an obvious point, but many of us make the mistake of assuming that our roofs are sure to get the sun they need. In reality, that isn’t always the case, and it can leave solar panels pretty in-effective. If shade is a problem, for example, you may struggle to produce enough energy for your home, let alone to sell to an outside company. Before buying, then, take time to observe your roof at different times of the day. Consider (a) which side gets the most direct sunlight and (b) roughly how many hours of sunlight can you expect? If your roof has been damaged by a storm, let Revive Roofing restore it first before the damage worsens. This ensures that you either install a panel on the right side or realize that this isn’t viable. In that instance, a portable garden panel could still work, but a roof-fitted option might be off the cards.


Is your roof ready for installation?


Regardless of where the sun falls, it’s also vital that you contact a roofing company who can check things over before your installation. If you need repairs or even a roof replacement, it’ll make your life much easier to get this done ahead of time. Bear in mind that most solar installation companies offer a roofing inspection as standard, but they likely use roofing contractors in the case of work. That could cost you more. Instead, then, take care of this before you seriously consider panels so that you can save yourself both hassle and cash. 


Are your electrics up to the task?

Electric Wiring

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Though you might not consider it upfront, it’s also vital to consider whether your electrics can handle your solar panel. Solar panels work by connecting directly to your electrical circuit. Old or small circuits may struggle to cope with the strain, and installation might not even be possible in extreme cases. As much as it’s vital to get your roof repaired, you should also contact an electrician. They can let you know whether solar would be possible, or what action you can take to make it so.  


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