Super Simple iCloud Hacks For Your Home Business





Working from home and managing children at the same time can be the biggest challenge a mother can face. It is incredibly difficult to manage our time and empire effectively at the same time as raising a family and because of this we always try to find ways of making the most of our time both in and out of working hours. If you are interested learning about this, then read more here.

There are many amazing tools and pieces of technology which can be used to help with the efficient running of a business, especially when you get help from a process management service, and tools such as Google Drive, iCloud storage, and more can be helpful. Today we want to focus on one tool in particular, iCloud, which can be a huge help for managing and storing data of all kinds. We are going to take a look at how to use this tool and set up iCloud mail, to make sure that even working from home, you can utilise a professional level tool. 


1: Store files in iCloud Drive


The first thing you can use iCloud for is to store files. This can make a big impact on the storage of your device because it will be stored separately to everything else marketing research. You are able to backup all of your important documents, photos and videos in one easy to access location which can make life a lot easier for you when organising data. 


2: Collaborate more easily


One of the best features of iCloud which can make a difference to you and your work is the ability to share and collaborate on files. If you often work from home with clients or colleagues who also work remotely, you will be able to use iCloud to flawlessly collaborate on tasks. You are able to share and edit data together in one place and this will allow you to communicate in real time and edit work as you go. It will increase your productivity in meetings and save writing down a list of changes to make afterwards. 

3: Backup your devices


One of the handiest things you should do with your iCloud is use it to backup iOS devices. The beauty of iCloud is that it acts almost like an external hard drive and this means you will have no problems backing up your devices and securing data. If as part of your business you often create new content and add to databases, you need to backup this data often to ensure that you don’t lose it.

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4: Secure storage


Once your data is stored on the iCloud, one of the things you can benefit from is high security. iCloud is owned by Apple, and this means that the brand is trusted, and your data will be in some of the safest hands in the world. When you choose to store sensitive data here you can trust in the fact that one of the biggest technology companies in the world has your data safe and sound. 


5: Store as much as you need 


Apple includes 5 GB for free, and this can be great for those of you who are simply storing some personal files and folders. If you want some more storage, they can offer 50 GB of storage for just $0.99 a month, and 200 GB plan for $2.99 monthly.It allows any person, business owner, or brand store as much data as they need for a small fee. 

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