5 Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents Naturally

Solutions That Don’t Require Terrible Poison

Rodents carry black plague and other diseases as though this were their primary personality traits. If you want to be truly disgusted, look up rat documentaries that deal with these creatures’ biology. Since they eat garbage, they’re riddled with parasites. It’s not just bubonic plague you’ve got to watch out for with rats and mice, but a host of other things as well. One of the best ways to avoid rat infestation is to hire a waste disposal service like Bulky Waste. Hiring professional rodent treatment and mice control services will help you get rid of these unwanted pests. 

You don’t want them anywhere near your home or property. But they want to be in your pantry eating up all your dry goods and laughing in squeaky voices. Well, maybe not laughing; but you get the idea. Now, there are a number of rodent control methods that can help get rid of these pernicious and well-known pests. But there are some methods which are recommendable over others.

What is the best method to use to get rid of rodents? You don’t want rat poison all over your home. You don’t want other chemicals on your premises. Kids could eat them, you could be affected by them, there are many negative possibilities. What makes more sense is pursuing natural methods of rodent control, and we’ll briefly cover five in this writing.


Basic Mouse Traps
Yes, basic mouse traps are natural, and yes they kill. They won’t put any chemicals in your house, but they can be a rather permanent solution to your issue. Here’s the thing, we’ll briefly explore more humane methods later, but if you release the mice or rats in the wrong place, they may come back. Basic mouse traps can be quite effective.

However, rats are pretty clever, and can usually figure out a mousetrap. You’ll get one or two, but the rest will quickly grow wise about the “free cheese” on the springy wooden table. So even though this is a natural, classic method, it’s lethality and the potential for it to be learned to make it an option that needs others behind it as well.

Steel Wool
Steel wool to rodents is like nails on a chalkboard to humans. They’ve got to chew through things with their massive front teeth. Steel wool drives them crazy. If you’ve got any mouse holes, plug them up with steel wool, and be fastidious in doing so. Eventually, the little pests will give up.

Invest In A Cat
What’s more natural than the cycle of life? Unless you’ve got cat allergies or hate cats, getting a feline to police your premises after dark is a very wise option. It’s a win-win situation. You get a cuddly internet comedy star on your premises 24/7, and the cats get to eat mice. Cats love to do this. Everybody wins—except for the mice.

mouse rodent


Fastidiously Remove Anything Attracting Rodents
Slovenly living conditions attract mice. They’re garbage eaters. It is their station in life to eat refuse. If you’ve got open containers, crumbs, and mess around your home continuously, it’s like putting a welcome sign out for pests. One natural way to diminish their presence is to keep the house very well, close all containers, store food in places where the smell won’t reach rodents and where they can’t get to it, and other similar good habits.

Kitty Litter, Ammonia, And Humane Traps
Kitty litter can scare rodents away if you place some near entryways. The smell of ammonia may make them think there are predators nearby. Also, human traps can be used which trap rodents inside without killing them once they take the bait. But be sure to release the pests far into the wild from your home, or they’ll come right back.

Keeping Your Property Clear Of Disease-Causing Pests
If you want your home to be secure from the pestilence of varying kinds, there are many creatures you’re going to have to look out for, and it’s absolutely fundamental that you take all precautions necessary to properly get rid of rodents. There are many different methods, natural ones have been highly recommended. However, if any of these methods are not enough to rid your home of the rats or mice, call on a rodent control professional to complete the job.

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