Building A Capsule Wardrobe For A Clutter-Free Closet

Living a clutter-free life can make a huge difference to your home. There’s less waste, fewer things to clean, and your home will generally feel more spacious and organized. 


One of the ways to enjoy a clutter-free life is to switch to a capsule wardrobe. While buying the latest trends and fashions can be fun, people are beginning to ditch the fast fashion movement and focus on quality instead. 


Ready to overhaul your closet? Here are some tips for building a capsule wardrobe – it will change your life!

Wardrobe closet

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Pick a number

To get started with a capsule wardrobe, consider picking a number. This number is the number of items that will form your new wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be as small as you think, and many people aim for 50 as a starting point. You can get some great tips on this from blogger Caroline Joy of Un-Fancy, who slimmed down her wardrobe to just 37 pieces. This will give you the perfect selection of mix and match items that will help you get dressed in the morning, while also having outfits for every occasion. 

Enjoy a ruthless clear-out

To be able to enjoy a capsule wardrobe, you’re going to need a clear out. To clean out your closet, you’re going to need to be ruthless. If items no longer fit, haven’t been worn in years and are looking past their best – get rid of them. Only hold onto your favorite items and those that can form a part of your new wardrobe. Remember to donate and recycle any unwanted clothing, or sell it online to help you fund a part of your new closet.

Look for bargains on basics

A capsule wardrobe needs some staples to work. Some blouses, camis and t-shirts are all useful items to have, as are items like tailored pants. For these basic items, you’ll want to keep your spend to a minimum to help you afford the higher priced items like clothes and shoes. You can get a lot for your money with an Old Navy coupon and others for your favorite stores. Your basics will need refreshing more often than your other items, so keep an eye out for a great deal.

Always think quality over quantity

Switching to a capsule wardrobe gives you the opportunity to enjoy higher quality items. Clothing made from high-quality fabrics looks better than your cheaper, wear-once items that never last beyond a season. It’s not always easy to stick to, but you’ll feel happier knowing you can wear your pieces again and again and always ooze style and sophistication.


Trying a capsule wardrobe is the answer to many problems. From cutting back on your spending to making the most of a small living space, it can make perfect sense to try the capsule way of living. Create a wardrobe that fits your everyday life and your own personal style. You’ll become more creative about putting outfits together and get to make the most of your favorite looks. Think you’re up to the capsule challenge? Why not start now?

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