Kitchen Cabinet Details That Will Make You Say “WOW”

Getting The Details Right

It’s the little things that are often most astonishing. How something appears when the light hits it, and reflects colors across the room—that’s a little thing with a big impact. Certain aromas—floral effluvium that matches the season, perhaps the smell of cookies. Real estate agents know about that; there’s even “chocolate chip cookie” spray they’ll set a house with.

Every sensory detail is absolutely integral, and something worth taking into consideration. One area where this is especially considerable is the kitchen. If you’re selling a home, one of the most important areas to potential buyers will be this room. If you’re living in a home, you yourself will spend many hours there. You want the space to feel right, look right, and be right. When planning how your kitchen would look like, getting the services of a kitchen renovation contractor who will provide you with different perspectives and recommendation on every part of your dream kitchen is a good way to start.

Cabinets are going to be one of the most prominent features of your kitchen. Additionally, where you eat in the kitchen—be it a “bar”-type seating arrangement, or traditional table—will be central to décor. So will the refrigerator; if only as a sort of “white board’ for magnetic trinkets and in-jokes of the home, or as a place to advertise successes in school or life.

Between cabinets, tables, and refrigerators, the most “wow”-worthy décor choices will involve kitchen cabinets. You’ll want to take a few different things into account to get the mix just right, this writing will explore tactics to help you make your kitchen décor something anyone who visits can’t help but talk about.

kitchen cabinet details

Fitting Cabinets To Your Space

Painting kitchen cabinets may be worthwhile, replacing them will be better. Whatever you do, make sure that your custom kitchen cabinets match the overall motif of your home’s décor. The right colors need to be used. Generally something woody is to be recommended, but some homes have a sort of “neon” design scheme, and in that scenario, let yourself go wild!

Cabinets can be carefully carved with all manners of filigree and artifice to be truly art pieces in and of themselves. This sort of Victorian architecture pervaded in décor of yesteryear, and has made some level of resurgence today. However, such carefully designed custom cabinets can be quite expensive. Also, it’s likely not going to be configurable to your home.

While there are distinct advantages to such artwork, if you can’t make it fit in your kitchen, it’s going to stand out negatively. You want the “WOW” of visitors to be in awe, not pity or humor. There is a way to ensure all cabinets fit exactly as they should, and that involves going the RTA route; check the following link for some RTA cabinet reviews.

Essentially, RTA stands for “Ready To Assemble”, and you get the ability to choose size, coloration, and build of varying kitchen cabinets online. They’re then shipped to you, and you can assemble them in your home. Certain RTA options have some pretty deep design that may even fit certain “classic” décor choices. It depends on what’s popular, but either way, RTA options can be ordered to exactly fit your kitchen’s needs.

cabinet with character

Aligned Decor

When everything fits together harmoniously in a way that is decoratively aligned to the rest of the home, that’s quite “WOW”-worthy. When you can conserve resources in terms of time and money simultaneously, the “WOW” has compounded; even giving you a bit of a conversation point to discuss with visitors who may themselves be approaching a kitchen remodel.

Additional “WOW”-worthy ideas for cabinet design include interior configuration. You can put in extra shelving, or secret spaces. If you’ve got extra nooks, crannies, and doors in your cabinets, that’s pretty neat.

Something else that can be quite interesting are transparent glass doors with designs of varying color and complexity on the transparencies at the front. These kinds of cabinets can be used to showcase fine dining implements, like crystalline wine glasses, or china.

Truly Unique Cabinetry Design

When you think about your kitchen, look into multiple custom cabinets options, line out a budget, and be sure whatever you do is in agreement with the rest of your home’s décor. There are some truly “WOW”-worthy solutions out there, and among them are custom kitchen cabinets which can be designed to fit exactly your needs.

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