10 Reasons to Get a Rug

Rugs, perhaps surprisingly, have a rich history. Stories including rugs date back to ancient times, and pictures showing rugs being woven on looms have been spotted inside Egyptian tombs. These ancient Egyptian rugs were made in flat, tapestry style without a pile and featured traditional designs. Oriental rugs, more reminiscent of the kind we see today, were first introduced to Europe by Crusaders returning from the Middle East. They were made for kings, and very much treated as works of art. Rugs have continued to evolve over the years, with French techniques spreading to the UK in the late 1600s. Today, while some rugs are still artistic, others are simple in design. They are readily available and often created in bulk. 

Modern rugs come in many different shapes, styles, colors, designs, and piles. You can get an area rug that will take up most of your room, or a much smaller rug with a heavy shag pile. You can put rugs in any room in your house, or even outside. Some are expensive, but others can be relatively cheap. Whatever rug you want, here are ten reasons to get one. 

weaving a rug

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A Rug is Easier to Clean Than Carpet

Cleaning your carpets can be exceptionally difficult, not to mention expensive. You might need to hire a carpet cleaner at least once a year, and that’s on top of regular vacuuming and spot cleaning. On the other hand, oriental rug cleaning is a super easy task. Devine Rug Cleaning will do all of the hard work for you, and you’ll have to clean your carpet much less often if it’s been covered with a large rug. 

Gives You An Easy Way to Make Changes

Fitting a new carpet is even harder and more expensive than cleaning it. But, your carpet makes up a big part of your rooms. You might rarely notice it, but it takes up a large area. If you wanted to change the color scheme of your room, changing your carpet would be a big task. Add a rug, and you’ve got totally different flooring with much less work. Even better, you can swap your rugs around, moving them into different rooms when you fancy a change. 

To Add Texture and Comfort

There’s not much more comforting than stepping onto a soft, warm floor when you get out of bed in the morning, or when you take your shoes off after a long day. But, carpets and wooden floors aren’t always as soft as we’d like them to be. Add thick fluffy rugs to your rooms, and they’ll be more comfortable. 

To Warm-Up a Cold Room

Wooden floors and light carpets can be stylish, they can make rooms look larger, and they are easy to accessorize. But, they are often also cooling. It’s hard to create a warm and cozy room with a flat, light floor. Adding a thick rug can make a room feel and look warmer, which is especially comforting in the winter. 

To Protect Your Flooring

rug rolled up

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Wooden flooring can easily become scratched, dented, and damaged, especially in areas like our hallways and kitchens, which get a lot of footfall and spillages. Once this damage has taken place, it’s very hard to repair. That floor will always be scratched. Add a rug, and you are giving your floor some extra protection. 

To Be Bold

Have you ever wanted to add something bold to your decor? To take a chance with color or pattern? To do something vastly different and take some risks? But been too scared to do it? We spend a lot of time at home. We want to be happy with our decor and proud to show it off, so we’re reluctant to take any chances. A rug gives you an easy way to take a risk with your decor — a chance to be bold and try something different, without worrying about being stuck with it. 

To Add Easy Color 

Rugs are also an excellent way to add color to a space. You can use them to add deeper or brighter colors to a neutral room. But, they can also be effective in areas like hallways where you might not have much color, accessories, furniture, or other decoration. If there’s a part of your room that’s a little bland, add a colorful rug, and it’s automatically a much more interesting space. 

To Bring a Room Together

A large rug is a dominant part of a room. It covers ample space and drawers your attention. If you’ve got an eclectic taste, and little in the room matches, a rug can offer cohesion and bring everything together. 

A Rug Can Muffle Sound

If you’ve got kids running around upstairs in their rooms, or you live in a flat with downstairs neighbors, you might worry about sound. Heavy footsteps on a ceiling can be very annoying. Add a rug to muffle the sounds. 

Rugs Can Help with Positioning

If you’ve got large pieces of furniture that all take up space, but seem to float randomly around the room, adding a rug can help with positioning. Place furniture around the outer edge of your rug, and your room will look neater. 

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