Three Ways to Stop Insects Invading Your Home

It’s often around this time of year that we begin to see more bugs making their way indoors. From ants in the kitchen to cockroaches and spiders hiding in the closet, they seem to be everywhere.

While relatively harmless they can cause problems, especially with insects like moths who can make a beeline straight to clothes and start eating away. Professional pest control companies are a great help in getting rid of different types of pests or insects before they wreak havoc in your property.

In this article we look at three ways to keep the bugs at bay without having to call in pest control

insects invading home

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Change up the Ventilation

Letting the fresh air to your rooms is a great idea but it’s also an open door to bugs, literally. While you value the fresh air, you don’t appreciate the insects that plan on calling your bedroom or bathroom home, so what can you do? We suggest investing in fly screens that can be attached to the window frame and pulled down when the window is open.

You may find these screens need washing regularly as you’re likely to get a build up of insects that not only looks unsightly but can attract larger insects in search of some food.

Check any existing ventilation for cracks and holes that need to be sealed up. Make it as hard as possible for creatures to find a way in.


Clean Up

If there’s one thing guaranteed to bring in bugs and more bugs it’s easy pickings. If you leave crumbs in the kitchen or spilt food on the floor, this is an open invitation to bugs to come and join the party. Keep surfaces and floors keen to make them less tempting for small visitors. If you need pest control vancouver wa services, don’t hesitate to reach out to today for the highest-rated, most effective pest control services

By the same token if you have any damp patches in the bathroom or kitchen, consider treating them. Some bugs, like silverfish, are looking for a water supply so removing that is one way of discouraging them. If your property is partial to damp, consider running a humidifier for a while to dry out damper areas. If the problem starts to become unmanageable, having pest control Melbourne services may be the only way to get rid of the bugs.


Use a Chemical Deterrent

Paying special attention where you leave the bug killer with regards to any children or pets you might have, lay bug killing gels around the edges of windows and door frames to kill any bugs on site.

You might also want to try some moth balls in amongst your clothes that should deter any hungry moths from making a meal of your best suit.

No one wants to share their home with flying bugs or crawling spiders if they can possibly help it. While it’s certainly possible to have spider removal once they’re in the home, it’s often much easier to go down the road of prevention rather than cure. Check all the tiny access points to your property, around windows and doors, including any cat or dog doors. Seal up anywhere you think might be particularly vulnerable.

Check for eggs and nests and destroy any you find before you then lay down some chemical deterrents to keep your unwanted house guests out in the cold. Or you can call on a pest control professional to help you out with the task.

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