Why Fall Is A Truly Magical Season

Fall is magical

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Almost everyone we know has a soft spot for fall. It is not only a time of great change, a relief from the intense warmth of the summer, and perhaps one of the most artistically viable times of the year, but it can signal great coming change. Fall is truly a magical season. It might not be your favorite season. But it can be a beautiful time for all, and many appreciate this.


While to some it represents degradation and decay as plant life dies and animals begin to prepare for their hibernation process, it’s important to consider just how this can also signify new beginnings, peace, relaxation, and also excitement. In this post, we wish to help you develop a more appreciative sense of just what fall means, and also to make the most of it. As such, a mixture of gratitude, advice and humble insights should be peppered throughout. Perhaps after reading, you can love fall just a little more yourself, or think of it in a way you have yet to. 


Without further ado, let us begin.


It’s An Honest Season


Fall is a fantastic time to spend in close loving proximity to people, be that heading for a morning coffee with your friend twice a week, or spending more time walking in the local park with your teenage child. It’s an honest season. Something about the way in which the leaves fall from the trees and comfort is starting to become more prioritized allows us to take off the showmanship shackles of summer and instead relax a little. It’s a great time for baking with your family, or spending time writing your thoughts in a journal and reflecting.


If you take part in these fall activities and also make more effort to be social, you’ll notice that you can give up the ghost a little, and instead become your most honest version of ‘you’. It’s an odd feeling, but ultimately a welcome one, and a powerful one should you allow space for this insight.


It’s Spooktacular


Halloween can be a great time of year, not only to spend with your friends, but also your family. Heading on a trick or treating spree on Halloween night, relaxing inside and watching children’s movies such as The Little Vampire or The Addam’s Family can be a real bonding experience (Eddy Murphy’s Haunted Mansion should also get a shout out). It can also be a worthwhile time to teach your children how to cope with the idea of fear as fun, as this can help them grow a little and enjoy the idea itself. After all, the more we can introduce them to this in a safe and loving environment, the more textured they will grow as people. This is a very noble and overarching goal of course, that always comes second to having frightful fun with those closest to you. Perhaps carving a pumpkin with your children this year could be a great experience.


There’s No Better Time To Read


Fall and paperbacks are a match made in heaven, only bettered by the inclusion of a warm cup of tea or coffee (perhaps hot chocolate) and a fire to sit next to. We’re not sure why, but there’s almost no better time to pick up a new book that challenges you. Classic literature, thrillers, or romances like the ones listed at https://m.anystories.app/blog/best-erotic-stories-for-women-to-read-online, all of it is somehow elevated by the passing of the season, of the cold winds that keep your mind sharp, and of how comfortable it can be to sit in a coffee shop with your e-reader or small paperback.


Why not take this time to open a Goodreads account and log or rate all of the books you have read this year? Additionally, you may start considering the best stories you have considered this year, or check off some from your late-year backlog. If you rarely read outside of online articles, why not make the effort to pick up a fantasy book or something more your speed? Again, there’s hardly a better time for it.


Creativity Knows No Bounds


In the fall, creativity can overflow. There’s something about the colder weather than can be conducive to the most intelligent and sharpest thoughts, allowing us to create or try something new in a form we have yet to interact with. Why not keep a diary, or write a short story (no matter how good)? You may also wish to paint some of the beautiful sepia tones of autumn, use this time to practice your photography, or even write some beautiful poetry to help you express what you’re feeling.


Time To Reflect


While spring and summer are often ‘all systems go’ in terms of activity, social engagements, the heat within your office at work, and heading to beautiful parties and beer gardens, when that is all done reflection can be a great idea. We have already explored the concept of fall as the honest season, but does that honesty extend to yourself?


Writing in a journal can be the first step. Recording your thoughts on your smartphone can be another. Considering what has gone right for you this year, as well as not-so-good, can help you consider what to improve, what to let go of, or what to accept. It’s important to take this time to reflect because during the winter period odds are you’ll be so busy with end-of-year work obligations, shopping and preparing your home for the festivities that you may not get as much time to do this as you would like.


Perhaps this can be even more important this year, when 2019 gives way to 2020, having more of an idea of yourself and appreciating yourself could be more rejuvenating than ever. Let this be your permission to feel this way, because odds are that you really do deserve it.


With this advice, we hope you can thoroughly enjoy fall as a truly magical season. Perhaps you may look at it in a more positive light. Whatever you do, we hope you thoroughly enjoy this season.

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