Three Ways to Keep Your Family Cyber Safe

In our hyper connected world it’s easy to make great connectivity the focus of our attention. This is particularly true of our homes where we demand good wi-fi connection, great broadband speeds, fast downloads and the ability for all our family members to use various devices in all the rooms in our homes.

Perhaps, though, there is another area we should spend some more time focusing on and that’s how best to protect our devices and our family members with better online security.

If you’re not sure where to start, then this blog is for you. In it we take a look at three things you can do to boost your online security.

Strengthen Passwords

This is by far the easiest way in for those wishing to get into your home network system. Spend some time changing up your router password and the passwords that you use for your devices. Changing them all every so often is a good idea anyway, especially if you’ve been using the same password across several devices and if you’ve had it for quite a long time.

If you use Google, use the passwords they suggest for the various websites you use for a greater level of protection.

Install a Firewall

While your devices may come with some kind of firewall, you can also install a home firewall system that will add a deeper level of protection for anyone accessing their devices on your wifi connection, have a look here and learn what to consider when creating your own company.

Shop around to find a system that suits your family best. This is a great option if you regularly check your bank details from home, shop online or even run a business from your own home.

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Turn Off Remote Access to Your Router

In these times where we like to be able to access our devices from outside our home, programming the heating or setting the Sky box to record a programme through an app, very often routers offer that same kind of remote access.

But ask yourself when the last time was that you needed to access your router remotely to change any settings. Chances are you never have and are unlikely to ever need to do so. That being the case, take a few minutes to disable that remote access option. Make it as hard as possible for people to tap into your network online or in close geographical proximity. 

Safety experts suggest, moving your router to the centre of your home, rather than by a window, to reduce the signal strength for anyone trying to tap into your wi-fi outside of your home.

Your safety and the online safety of your family is of paramount importance so don’t hesitate in taking up these three tips and boosting your network security. With everyone on phones, laptops and tablets, now is the time to make sure that your personal data remains just that, personal with a great set of passwords, a strong firewall and no way of accessing your router remotely. Put these moves in place and you can be confident that your family is in safe hands.

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