Top Tips To Convert Your Existing Wardrobe To Coachella Style

The Coachella festive season is here and with that, all things related to the festival like the crown made of flowers, the choker necklace, the sundresses and even comfy sandal like La Tribe Sandal will make a comeback. Do not bother about spending heavy to dress up in the Coachella style. You can buy a few and make a few by converting your existing wardrobe to Coachella in no time.  

It’s All Prep Work

It’s all about preparing well for the festival. You need to put in some effort to get it right. Before we get into how to go about it or dwell into outfit ideas, here are a few things to do in general for a Coachella flavor…

Choose bright colors:

A festival is a great occasion to experiment with all the bright colors. These bright festive outfits bring a cheer like never before. Not everyone can carry off an all bright outfit so to balance it one can go for a vibrant colored bottom with a subdued bottom or reverse. 

Use the right accessories:

A look is deemed complete only with the right accessories and it can be jewelry with gold or fusion with a lot of bling. Even metallic jewelry can make your dress look much better without having to do any extra shopping, however if you want to get some new pieces, you should consider to Buy Semi Precious Jewellery at the link. 

Mix and match:

The best way to get the right look at this festival season is to mix and match the top and bottom wear perfectly. A loosely fitted bottom should be balanced with a body-fitting top, a mini skirt can be worn with an off-shoulder top, denim shorts with a simple t-shirt, and such. 

Hairstyle and makeup:

Style your hair such that it adds to your outfit. Even if your clothes are not that flashy bright lip colors and a dark eye shadow will liven it up. 

DIY Outfit Ideas

Look cool in a camo:

Though the festive look involves boho dresses and flower crowns you can still look cool and look the part with a camo pant, a tube top, and some sandals. This gives a cool festival style.

A makeshift fringe jacket:

Fringe is back in trend which was once considered as a runway fashion. Do not worry if you don’t have one, check out the hottest designer festival clothing online and get a good jacket to work on. You can add fringe to this jacket but you will need a zipper pull, scissors, and a needle and thread. Cut the zipper so that you can add the fringe, the length of the material you are fringing depends on how long you desire. Now sew the material and zipper pull to the jacket to have your new outfit. 

Convert your old jeans into shorts:

You can convert your jeans into great-looking shorts by cutting the lower part of the pants. Use a measuring tape to measure out about 2 inches below the 4 seams joins. The 4 seams are the front and back seams and the two inseam of the legs. If you want short shorts then 2 inches should suffice else you can measure them longer. If you like a bold look make a side slit but ensure that the top is secure so that it does not open up. 

More denim updations:

Denim is an outfit that suits everyone and can be styled for different music festivals. If you are not yet ready to cut out your favorite pair of jeans there are other ideas to look fabulous at a concert, check them out. This includes removing the hem using a seam ripper to make the loose threads hang, or remove the back pockets to give a vintage look. You can also do the same with your denim shirt by removing the chest pocket. 

Make an off-shoulder top:

These tops look cool in summer and if you don’t have one then it is easy to do it at home. This off-shoulder top will surely look cool for a concert. Take a button-down shirt of your choice and button it from the third or fourth one. With scissors cut the top part so that the collar is cut. Now sew the fabric with elastic to get an off-shoulder top. 

Update your tees:

A graphic tee is popular clothing in a music concert and that can be made to look even cooler by doing some modifications. The tee can be given a symmetrical or asymmetrical look by cropping it and also removing the sleeves. To make it look even more festive fold the top in half and cut is across the waistline. 

Wear a scarf:

A scarf can make any plain looking outfit look great. It can be wrapped around the neck or worn on the head like a bandana. It can also be wrapped on a hat or can be worn on the neck with your leather jacket to make it stylish festive wear. 

Bringing in the Coachella flavor isn’t difficult. Just a little time and smart work can get you there. You would be able to pull it off without much fuss. Just keep things simple and be comfortable in what you wear.  

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