Nifty Ways You Can Reuse Old Coffee Grounds

A lot of people rely on coffee made with coffee pods to get a regular fix of caffeine and to warm them up on colder days, and for them it’s a real lifesaver. 

If you’re looking to buy a new coffee machine but can’t decide which brand or type, Invite me for Coffee has a great selection of coffee machines that will make it easy for you to choose the best one. But are you a coffee lover that also throws out the coffee grounds after using them? It might surprise you to learn that used grounds can be put to different purposes besides flavoring your coffee. However if you love the excitement of the chase as much as you love the taste of coffee – plus hassle-free delivery – then a reliable coffee supplier like the organic coffee subscriptions may be the best one for you.

Here are 5 clever ways to reuse coffee grounds.

coffee grounds


Composting is an excellent way to get one extra use out of coffee grounds when they’re now too weak to be reused. A compost bin is a place to add items that can break down and eventually become a rich nutrient mix to complement the existing soil. When the soil is lacking in basic nutrients, composting is an eco-friendly solution.

Even if you use a coffee machine that takes capsules, such as a Nespresso or a Keurig, you can often find compostable pods, and at sites like Gourmesso, you can save up to an incredible 40% too.

Handmade Soap

When you’ve tired of the different soaps that are commercially available and want something a little bit different, then consider setting aside a full Sunday to become a soap maker. If you have kids at home, then it makes a wonderful project for the whole family to get involved in.

You’re free to choose whatever ingredients you prefer when creating batches of soap for home use. That can include infusing coffee grounds in a batch which gives it a rougher texture – excellent for scrubbing hard to remove smells from your fingers and fingernails.


Buying a hefty bag of fertilizer for the garden always seems like a bit of a waste. Isn’t there another way to get the benefits of a store-sold fertilizer without the expense?

Thankfully, there is. It’s possible to produce some homemade fertilizer at home. This can be done by adding old coffee grounds to soil that’s suffering a bit. Another option is to take an empty spray bottle. Then use some lukewarm water along with a few coffee grounds to create a potent spray. The mist sprayed on a windless day will do just the trick.


Eventually, our trash bins start to whiff a bit. Getting a waft of the lingering odor when lifting the lid to deposit a new trash bag isn’t pleasant!

An effective deodorizer can be created using some coffee grounds. You’ll need a pair of pantyhose or something similar that can hold the grounds but still let the strong coffee smell out. Fill them up and hang the pantyhose on the inside and secure them over the rim of the trash can. This will let the rich coffee odor combat the trash smell.

Drain Cleaner

When the kitchen sink is starting to back up and there’s clearly a bit of a clog in the pipes below, something must be done. Some well-placed coffee grounds with their coarse texture and strong aroma can work wonders to unclog a sink and make it smell better at the same time.

Start by using the kettle to bring some water to the boil. Then mix up the hot water with the spare coffee grounds and then pour liberally in the sink. One point of note, be careful about using water that’s too hot if you have plastic pipes that might crack in cold weather. Let the water cool somewhat before pouring the mixture if that’s the case.

So, don’t just throw away your coffee grounds when you buy a 2 lb bag whole bean colombian coffee and they’re no longer usable to make a cup of Joe. There are plenty of other things that they’re good for at home and in the backyard.

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