Plastic Surgery for Men: An Introductory Guide

The majority of people associate plastic or cosmetic surgery (learn more about them here) with women only, but that has not been the case for a long time. Others may presume that the procedures are only undergone out of vanity, but again this is a misconception. “For many men, cosmetic procedures provide a relatively simple solution to issues around self-esteem and chronic low confidence, as well as being used to reconstruct disfigurement after serious illness or injury”, says one of the best doctors from Dr. Arroyo’s office. If you are interested in plastic surgery either for yourself or a loved one, this introductory guide will take you through the most popular options which are available.


Rhinoplasty is the medical term for a nose job which is one of the more common plastic surgeries for men and women. Some may choose to undergo rhinoplasty because they are self-conscious about their natural nose, while others may have had theirs disfigured in an accident. The procedure leaves no visible scars as the incisions are made inside the nostrils so the bone and cartilage can be manipulated. If you don’t want to undergo surgery, you may consider a non surgical nose job.

The operation takes a few hours, although recovery takes a few weeks, and is performed under local anesthetic in most cases. Remember if the results are not the ones you desired, you can always visit the revision rhinoplasty beverly hills clinic.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are incredibly popular with men who have male pattern baldness or a receding hairline. The modern procedure is relatively simple and non-invasive but can make a huge difference to men in terms of their long-term self-esteem. By removing hair follicles from the back of the head or the chest and implanting them in the scalp men can regain a full head of hair, although some men may require repeat treatments. High-quality hair transplants are available all over the world with many choosing hair transplant Turkey as the preferred location. In addition to hair transplants for the head, it’s also possible to get a beard transplant for men unable to grow facial hair.


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much dieting, cardio training or weight lifting a man does; for some men, there will still be a stubborn area of fat that will not budge. This is where liposuction or a tummy tuck can help. Many men choose to have liposuction around their midsection to reveal a six-pack and nipped-in waist or the neck/chin area. Essentially, ultrasound waves break up the fat which is then sucked from the body leaving the underlying tissue intact. The procedure can be completed in as little as an hour under local anesthetic. It’s mindful to talk to a clinician to see if you’re viable for the more intense procedures such as bariatric surgery instead of liposuction.


A procedure which is most associated with older men is blepharoplasty, or eyelid lifts to give them their colloquial name, to rid them of droopy and/or puffy eyelids. It can turn back the clock and make people appear healthier and less tired as well as reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.


A high number of men are self-conscious about having ears that protrude too much and otoplasty is the procedure that re-sculpts the cartilage to enable repositioning of the ears. The incision is made behind the ear in a fold of skin which makes it difficult to see and takes just a couple of hours to complete. However, it’s usually necessary to wear bandages for at least a week after the procedure.


Botox is most often associated with women, but more and more men are taking advantage of the anti-aging effects of botox injections. The Botulinum toxin is injected into the skin where it causes paralysis and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. It takes a few days for botox to take full effect but will last for 4-6 months. Botulinum is also used to treat excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis. The toxin is injected into the armpits, feet, back, forehead or hands where it blocks the sweat glands for several months.


One of the more recent breakthroughs in male plastic surgery is the scrotoplasty which lifts a sagging scrotum or removes excess skin. The procedure was originally developed to help people who had damaged the scrotum through injury or after cancer, but it can be used for cosmetic purposes.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is also known as male breast reduction. Sagging skin or excess fatty tissue around the breasts can occur due to poor diet and a lack of exercise, but it can also be due to genetics and hormonal imbalance. With a reported 50% of men having some degree of Gynecomastia, it is a very popular surgery that removes the excess tissue and can place it somewhere else in the body, such as in the triceps or biceps. The procedure takes just a couple of hours in most cases and can incorporate liposuction.

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