Weather Woes You Need To Guard Your Home Against

Severe weather, whether it’s the cold, extreme heat, rain, or storms, is a factor that is difficult to fully prepare for, to say the least. The damage that it can do, left unchecked, can result in a home that quickly becomes inhospitable. Despite today’s incredible warning systems, disaster can and does strike. And this is why having intermodal shelter systems is important more than ever. Having a safe place in your home can save your life. For that reason, it’s important to do what you can to protect yourself and to know how to react when the worst occurs.

thunderstorm weather

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Check the roof for anything loose

Most of the damage caused by high winds or a storm are by the fact that objects are thrown at each other at great speed. If your shingle roofing has loose or damaged shingles or sliding, then you can expect them to get ripped from the roof. Not only does this expose the top of the home to the rain and cold, but it also gives the wind ammunition to throw at your home, causing yet more damage. It’s recommended to have a roof replacement. You can also look for a roof repair person like Collis Roofing climb twice a year to check for any damage that could worsen.

Make sure the gutter is clear

A blocked gutter can cause all kinds of woes. The gutter is supposed to redirect all of the water that it collects and redeposits it down the drain to make sure that it isn’t left to infiltrate the property. However, gutters can easily become blocked by leaves, dirt, and other debris. When this happens, the water fills up the gutter instead of being able to go out naturally and, as such, it can start to seep under the roof and into the house. For that reason, cleaning your gutters before the rainy seasons is essential. In addition, adding gutter covers is a smart thing to do as it prevents you from having a blocked gutter. If you think your gutter already needs a replacement, then contact a professional gutter installation contractor for aluminum gutter installation services and they will do the job for you.


winter weather

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Tidy up your garden

As mentioned, one of the issues that can affect your gutter is leaves from nearby trees. If you have trees or bushes, it’s essential that you hire an arborist to safely prune bushes and provide tree trimming without risking doing them any harm. Otherwise, their twigs and branches can end up in your gutter. Even worse, in stormy weather, heavy branches can come off and collide with the home, loosening and damaging parts of the roof, face, or door. In the worst case scenario, they may even hit nearby power lines, causing serious problems. If there are trees that may potentially damage your property when a storm hits your area, you might want to consider getting a tree removal service now to avoid any costly damages. 

Make sure your pipes don’t get hit by the big freeze

Besides ensuring that your heating is working effectively and that there are no air gaps to let in the cold, it’s essential to call a plumber when you want to protect the home from the cold. The cold causes any plumbing problems to get instantly worse. If there’s any concern about burst pipes, you can prevent them from freezing by investing in insulation, as well. This is important if you plan on leaving the home alone with no one inside it for an extended period of time, as this is when freezing is most likely.

hurricane weather

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If a storm is coming, take a walk around the property

Walk around the garden and make sure that you take the time to secure any items that can be secured. If they can’t be secured, then move them to a safer place like a garage or inside the house if possible. Either way, make an inventory list of any items that are left outside. As such, you can identify if anything has come loose and disappeared. Items left lying around can easily become projectiles when picked up by the wind so it’s important to do what you can to prevent that. 

If you live in an area frequented by storms, it would also be wise to invest in hurricane windows to protect the interior of your home. You can consult an Impact Window Supplier to determine the type of window that can withstand strong winds and other weather elements.

Take a look at the french drain hull in your property and make sure they’re up to the task of preventing indoor flooding.

Deal with water damage quickly

Whether it’s a leaky roof, a burst pipe, or a deluge, you need to deal with water damage as quickly as possible with the help of a water damage restoration company. If you’re in an area that is prone to floods or there is a flood warning coming your way, then having the number for Property flood cleaning teams like Home Angels is recommended. The longer water damage is left to lie, the more damage it can do. You may be able to salvage more of your home if you act quickly.

electricity during bad weather

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Have a generator you can use

If there’s particularly bad weather coming your way, it can knock out your power. We have already mentioned how an overgrown tree in strong winds can hit the power line, cutting power for the whole neighborhood. Installing generators with the capacity to power a home is a significant investment, but it can be an important one. You might find yourself left out of power for hours or even days during a storm, at which point it can make it hard to feed and warm your family.

Review your insurance policy

All of the tips above can hopefully help you avoid having to spend too much, but if there has been any damage, who is going to be the one paying for it? The benefits of home insurance are definitely worth considering. If you’re not careful in checking your insurance policies, you might have to eat the whole charge. Take a look over your provisions and, if you find they don’t offer you the cover you need, see if any other local insurance services like St. John’s offer a better deal. You might want to consider using a broker to independently represent your interests and make sure you get a better deal, too.

raimy weather

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Remember, your people come before your things

If you’re ever wondering what to do about a certain weather condition or concern, then ask yourself if it would be of any risk to you or your family. If it is, then put protecting your family first. For that reason, you should also have a storm safety plan, that can just easily work in situations of floods. Having a route to a safe place such as a protected basement or storm shelter is important.

With the tips above, you will be better protected against the worst of weather, know how to handle it when it comes, and know the steps to recovery should your house suffer in the meantime. Let’s hope you don’t have to rely on them too much.

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