10 Things You Definitely Forget To Clean Around The House

Let’s be honest, keeping on top of the cleaning chores at home can seem like a never-ending task, and some weeks we’re just thankful to get the basics done. There’s no clean-shaming here, but the next time you do have a moment to spare for a more thorough house clean, here are 10 things you probably should get round to first. 

clean around the house

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  1. Your windows
    When was the last time you cleaned your windows and we mean both inside and out? Cleaning your windows won’t only make them look much clearer and brighter but it can help to stop creepy crawlies from making their homes in them, reducing the chance of them from finding their way into the house. If your upstairs windows are too high to reach then use the help of Window Cleaning Services who will reach them for you.

  2. Your dishwasher
    Your dishwasher may be keeping your dishes clean but it can quickly get clogged up with food particles and limescale. Pop in a dishwasher cleaner and run a clean cycle every now and then to keep it fresh. You can use a Swedish dishcloth to clean your dishwasher as well as your plates, silverware and glassware.

  3. Your doorframes
    The tops of doorframes make the perfect place for dust to collect and dirty fingers always manage to leave their mark around the edges, so grab a damp cloth and give them a quick going over.

  4. Your skirting boards
    Hoovering your floor often causes dust to circulate in the air and any that isn’t sucked up will land on your skirting boards. A quick wipe down will leave the glistening and it can really make a difference to the overall cleanliness of a room.
  5. Your TV remote
    Believe it or not, your TV remote is probably one of the dirtiest things in your home because you touch it multiple times a day. The levels of bacteria that have been found on TV remotes in some cases have been found to be the same as public toilet seats! So grab a disinfectant wipe and get between those buttons.
  6. Your lampshades
    Lampshades are another favorite location for the dust to settle and over the weeks, months and even years can build up quite an impressive collection. A quick wipe over should remove the worst of it and then a once over with a duster, little and often, will keep the dust at bay ultimately improving your air quality. 

  7. Your washing machine
    A dirty washing machine can’t be expected to clean clothes. Pop your washing machine on a cleaning cycle with some washing machine cleaner to clear its pipes of built-up dirt and you may also want to give the door and the seal a wipe round to remove any mold that has formed.

  8. Your sofa cushions
    Washing your sofa cushions makes your whole living room smell amazing and you’ll be surprised how much grime comes out of them too. Read the label instructions carefully and if in doubt use a cool wash and let dry naturally.

  9. Your bin
    No one wants to spend unnecessary time with their head in a bin but a quick clean will help to remove odor and any build-up of harmful bacteria.

  10. Your toaster
    Last but not least we have your toaster, when was the last time you emptied the crumbs? A build-up of crumbs in your toaster is often what’s responsible for that burnt toast smell, so give it a tap upside down outside and then give the exterior a wipe over. 

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