3 Big Home Security Mistakes You Could Be Making

Being burgled is a terrifying experience and it can leave you feeling very unsafe in your own home. That’s why home security such as adding security screens is so important. You need to take certain steps to protect your home from burglars and make their job harder, like installing temporary fence panels. They’re looking for an easy target so a few security measures can act as a great deterrent. Having a security guard patrol your property could very well be the most effective solution. But some people make simple mistakes with their home security that make them a target for thieves, and it’s important that you avoid those mistakes if you want your home to be safe. These are some of the biggest home security mistakes that you need to avoid. 

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Keeping Weak Locks 

When you first move into a home, you need to check all of the locks and see how strong they are. You should also check the lock if you replace a door because the ones that come as standard tend to be quite weak. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is keeping these weak locks when they should be calling a locksmith to come and replace them with something more heavy duty. You can read this and learn the importance of changing the locks with the help of a residential locksmith when you move into a new home. You don’t know how many people the previous owners gave a key to, and you don’t want strangers having access to your home. Criminals will recognize a weak lock, and it will make you a target, so make sure to hire a professional locksmith to install more secure locks in your home. A locksmith can help with apartment, flat, and office lockout. In addition, you might also want to consider having a safe installation.

Using Fake Security Systems 

CCTV cameras and alarm systems are a great deterrent, but a lot of people make the mistake of using the fake versions that you can buy. They assume that they will still act as a deterrent in the same way, and they’re much cheaper. The problem is, most burglars will easily be able to spot the difference between a fake and the real thing, so it won’t do anything to protect your home. If you want to improve security, you need to choose a real home security system and invest some money in it. 

Hiding A Key 

If you hide a spare key to your home outside somewhere, you are just inviting burglars in and making it so easy for them. So many people make this mistake because they think that they’re being clever with their hiding place and not just putting the key under the mat. Burglars have seen it all before and they know all the hiding places there is, so they will find your key and get into your home. If you really do need to leave a key out for somebody, you should get a small key safe with a code lock on it. That way, you can still leave a key, but it is protected. However, these key safes can also be broken into, so it’s important that you only leave a key in there if you absolutely have to.

If you are making any of these mistakes, you put your home security at risk and make yourself an easy target for burglars. If you don’t feel safe in your own home, it’s probably time to invest in stronger windows and doors that are more resistant to forced entry. Some manufacturers offer glazing that is designed to protect against break-ins.

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